Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th December 2023 episode starts with Kunal looking at Vandana with embarrassment in his eyes as Vandana saw him trip.

He then gets up while smiling and then goes to Vandana who gives him a flower for his arrival, telling him that she made it on her own.

Kunal takes it, saying thank you and gives Vandana a flower that he made for her, saying the same pinch.

He then asks her how is she which makes her stammer as she replies that she is okay.

Kunal says that Vandana is looking very nice to which Vandana says that even he is looking very good.

Bobby decides that somehow he has to make Vandana and Kunal go back home alone in the car so he tells Kunal that he has an important meeting and has to leave.

Kunal opens the door for her leading her to make herself comfortable in Kunal's car, he picks up Vandana's Saree that is dangling outside of his car and helps Vandana collect it.

He then helps Vandana put on a seat belt which makes their lips just a mere distance apart and leads to some serious eye-locking.

Vandana whispers that the seat belt is on now but Kunal does not hear it, making her say it again.

Kunal goes back to his seat after which he and Vandana both start to blush.

Meanwhile, Kuldeep asks Pammi if the information she provided him with is valid or not to which Pammi says that it is completely authentic.

Kuldeep then says that now she has to wait and watch as he is coming to Mumbai.

Back in the car, Vandana and Kunal see a couple which makes their heart crave each other's love.

Kunal then puts on some music but the radio only plays all the romantic songs after which Kunal gives a gift to Vandana.

Kunal then recalls his trip to London where Kuldeep assured him that he was happy with Kunal and Vandana's marriage.

He also recalls that Kuldeep is the one who got this gift for Vandana as it contains the family bangles in them.

Vandana says that she never imagined a piece of jewellery to look so beautiful after which Kunal takes those bangles in his hands and puts them on Vandana himself.

Vandana's eyes pooled up with tears as she did not see this coming.

Later, Bobby has arranged an engagement party for Vandana and Kunal after which Pammi says that she wishes Kuldeep was here.

Back in Vandana niwas, Vandu comes out of her room looking straight from a fairy tale.

Anagha goes to her and says that she will never break Vandana's trust ever again and then looks at the gold bangles that she is wearing, saying that it must be very expensive.

Vandana replies that it is Kuldeep's blessing to her and means a lot to her.

She then asks Atya if Vijay is coming to the engagement or not but she already knows the answer and says that at this time she only needs his blessing.

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