Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 12th October 2023 episode starts with Vijay talking about how Vandana and Music are intertwined together. 

She turns to Sarita and Vinayak as she folds her hands and requests them to let her bring her three relations with her after her marriage. 

She requests to let her work, be in touch with her passion for music, and to let her be there for her family. 

Vaibhav hugs her telling her that she is overthinking as the in-laws will treat her as their own. 

Sarita also nods as she tells Vandana that the Joshi house is her own. 

Further, Vandana takes blessings from all the elders and gets emotional as she goes around the house fixing things. 

Anagha goes to her and hugs her as they cry after which Vandana hugs Vijay and sobs into his lap.

Further, Vandana gives each family member a Polaroid picture with a personalized message for them making them smile amidst the emotional moment.

Sarita ties Vandana's saree to Vaibhav's outfit as per traditions as the time for her departure arrives.

Vaibhav starts leading her towards the door while Vijay stays at his place trying to hide his tears from her.

Vandana looks back at him but Anagha tells her not to look back.

She starts her camera and starts recording as she looks at her father and cries.

As Vandana goes far, Vijay shouts for Vandana and sobs inconsolable while Kunal watches them and prays that either Vandana doesn't learn of Vaibhav or learns soon enough.

Later, Vandana and Vaibhav arrive at the Joshi house where Sarita tells Vandana to kick the rice-filled Kalash into the house with Vaibhav. 

Just as Vandana is about to kick the Kalash, Vaibhab gets a call from Mrunal and walks away to attend to it, making Vandana fall back with him. 

The Kalash falls out of the house making everyone say it is a bad omen while Vaibhav leaves saying that he has some office work. 

Sarita tells Vandana to enter as is since the aarti cannot happen without the husband. 

Vandana enters the house and Sarita sweet-talks her into making tea/coffee for the guests. 

She tells her to tell Anjali once it's made since the guests will talk if Vandana brings them just as she entered. 

Vandana rushes into the kitchen as she makes a fake flower from the foil and then starts cooking. 

She prepares the snacks too while Anjali comes there and scolds her for taking too much time. 

Vandana asks her if her headache is fine to which Anjali acts surprised at first but then lies to Vandana that she's better now. 

Meanwhile, Pammi sees Kunal and asks him about appearing and disappearing from the wedding to which Kunal replies that he did as much as he could. 

However, now that Vandana is married, he cannot do anything as she has entered hell. 

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