Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 13th November 2023 episode starts with Vaibhav entering the house and wishing good morning to Vandu casually.

Vandu calls him a spineless man and asks him to leave the house.

Vaibhav mimics her in a silly voice while she starts screaming at him when Mrunal comes and tells Vandu that she cannot scream at him as he has come to meet her.

Meanwhile, Bobby and everyone else are very happy that Tara is related to them by blood but Pammi is not very pleased.

Kunal watches Tara with a smile on his face as she lies asleep.

Back at the Vandana Niwas, Vandu pushes Mrunal, asking Vaibhav to leave her alone and give her a divorce.

Vaibhav makes himself comfortable on the sofa and asks her to name her share of the property after him.

Vandu says that he will not even give him a brick of this house leading Vaibhav to say that he will not divorce her if she does not do as she is told.

She holds Vaibhav by his collar and screams his name while Atya blames Mrunal for everything.

Vaibhav asks Vandu to let go of his collar as he has to go to the office and not just sing songs like her. 

Vandu asks Vaibhav to drop this act and gain his senses back.

However, Vaibhav pushes her behind and says that he has been noticing everything that has been brewing between her and Kunal.

Vaibhav then leaves the house when Mrunal says that Vandu deserves all of this.

After everyone leaves, Vandu tells Vijay that she is ashamed to have ever loved a guy like Vaibhav.

Vijay replies that the world is filled with bad people but is still rotating because there are good people too.

Meanwhile, Tara wakes up and gets excited to see Kunal as she starts jumping when Pammi calls her a frog in annoyance.

Tara ignores her and hugs Kunal as his heart starts melting and she asks him if he is feeling better.

She tells him that he does not have to worry because she will take him to the hospital herself.

Kunal then recalls his past with Soniya and releases himself from Tara’s grip, saying that he cannot do this and starts running out.

Back at Vandana Niwas, Vandu calls her friend Akshara as she wants to seek legal advice.

Meanwhile, her daughter picks up the call and says that she is also a law student, stating her name is Abheera.

Vandu tells her everything about her situation including the fact that Vaibhav is blackmailing her.

Abheera asks Vandu to never give up at any cost and also tells Vandu that Vaibhav has no right over her property so she has to fight.

Vandu thanks her and asks her to never marry a guy if she has the slightest doubt.

Abheera agrees with her and says thank you.

Meanwhile, Tara follows Kunal and asks him to go to the doctor along with her but he ignores her as she holds his hand.

He releases his hand from her grip and asks her to stop calling him dad otherwise he will scold her.

Vandu overhears this and calls out Kunal’s name.

Inside the house, Pammi tells Vedika that Tara is just a means for Soniya to come back into the house.

Pammi then suggests that Kunal should move on with his life with someone else while Vedika agrees with her.

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