Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 14th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 14th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 14th November 2023 episode starts with Vandu telling Kunal that Tara is the one who helped him yesterday to which he replies that Vandu is just his PA and should not go around bossing him.

Kunal says that he is a father but how can she give lessons on parenthood as she is not a mother? 

He also says that just because he showed some sympathy to her does not mean she can do whatever she wants.

Saying this Kunal leaves while Vandu remembers all the horrible things that Vaibhav said to her because of her infertility.

Meanwhile, Vaibhav is showing Mrunal the video of Kunal and Vandu and saying that now he understands why Vandu wanted to divorce him.

Vaibhav says that he hopes that they have started their backward clocks because now their time has come.

Later, Kunal reaches the place where the contract meeting is supposed to happen in anger and tells Bobby that Vadnu is his PA and should report to the office before him.

Indrinil and Soniya enter and tell them that the music contract that Kunal is chasing is also the one Indrinil is chasing.

Kunal asks them to leave as he is not in a mood to argue to which Indrinil replies that it looks like he has done the DNA test and found out that Tara is his daughter.

Indrinil congratulates Kunal mockingly and says that the coffee is very tasty over here and he should drink it because the contract will only go to Indrinil.

Soniya then gives Bobby some chocolates and asks him to give them to Tara because, after all, she knows about her likes and dislikes, unlike Kunal.

Kunal snatches the chocolates and says that just because of Soniya he has made a fool out of himself because of her.

Soniya tells him to relax because it is not his office or a court to which Kunal replies that he does not care and wants to know why she kept Tara away from him for 7 years.

Indrinil comes to defend Soniya when Kunal says that if he takes another step then he will break his legs.

Kunal again turns to Soniya and asks why she played such a sick game on him and ruined his whole life and his dreams.

He says that if only she told him this news 7 years ago, he would have been happy but now he is just scared and nervous.

He says that he is going to hate Soniya for the rest of his life because it is because of her that he cannot hug his own daughter.

Soniya still defends herself but with tears in her eyes and says that he deserves it because she hates him.

She says that since he always wanted a daughter, then now it is his responsibility.

Kunal asks Bobby to cancel the meeting while crying but Vandu interrupts and says that he is already suffering in love but he should not bear any loss in work because that will make them win.

She tells him that their pitch is the best and will win the contract and also says that Kunal has to collect himself so that no one can shamble his spirit.

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