Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 14th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 14th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 14th September 2023 episode starts with Pammi announcing that they have a great lineup of new up-and-coming artists. 

She says that many music labels came and went but Kanak music label is here to stay as she pours the champagne. 

However, as the family raises their glasses, Mrunal drags Vaibhav to the Malhotra's table and has him pick up the glasses to cheer with the Malhotra family.

Further, Mrunal drags Vaibhav to the dance floor and dances with him while Vandana and Atya go to get a soft drink. 

Atya notices her sweets box on the ground and picks it up while Vandana assures her that they must have mistakenly dropped it. 

Kunal passes by them just then and Atya stops him telling him to eat the laddoos. 

Pammi shows the scene to Kuldeep and tells him that Vandana is also involving the family in her plan to trap Kunal. 

Kunal notices Kuldeep's stare and walks away from Vandana while she tells Atya that they should leave now. 

On the other hand, Vedika convinces Kunal to dance and the whole party starts dancing including Vaibhav and Vandana. 

However, Mrunal drags Vaibhav away with her while Vandana bumps into Kunal as they stare at each other awkwardly.

She tries to walk away but her pallu gets stuck on the metal of his wristwatch. 

He tries to remove it but fails as she also helps him and their faces get closer. 

They again bump into each other as their faces get very close. 

Kunal is about to leave but Vandana stops him apologizing for the picture in the newspaper. 

Further, Kunal leaves the party and puts in earbuds to listen to music in the solitude of his room while Pammi thinks that now it's time for drama. 

Meanwhile, at the party, the waiter bumps into Atya and hands her the tray full of drinks while acting of tying his shoelaces. 

Pammi smirks as she signals all her friends to mock Atya. 

Pammi's friends mock Atya asking her what she has in her tray and continue calling her waiter while Shivam comes there and tells the ladies that Atya is not a waiter. 

The ladies scold Shivam for being rude while Pammi comes there and tells them to not mind him as he is being influenced by his runaway father and the poverty in their family. 

Shivam calls her bad aunty and Pammi in anger is about to slap her but is stopped by Atya who stops her hand midair. 

The rest of the Karmarkar family also arrive there while Pammi starts drama of how she nicely invited them but they have made a scene at her party. 

Atya argues with Pammi while Pammi equally argues, hoping that Vandana loses her cool which is what she wants. 

Vadana states that this all must have been a misunderstanding while Pammi calls out everything they did as a mistake. 

Bobby and Vedika try to stop Pammi but Kuldeep shuts them up while Pammi continues insulting Vandana saying how she is after Kunal ever since he came to the penthouse. 

She points at Vaibhav and rebukes Vandana saying how she has a fiancee but is still roaming in the city trapping boys. 

Pammi talks about how Vandana is after Kunal while Mrunal is after Bobby. 

Vandana continues to beg Pammi to stop speaking as she doesn't even know what she is saying in anger right now. 

However, Pammi picks up the box and sweets given by Atya and throws them on the ground dramatically asking them why they brought sweets when they wanted to sour the party. 

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