Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 15th September 2023 episode starts with Pammi continuing to rebuke the Karmarkar family as she throws the laddoos onto the ground. 

Everyone gets shocked while Vandana calms her emotions and starts picking up the laddoos from the ground while Shivam helps her. 

As she reaches Kuldeep's feet, he tells her that she belongs there and only tells her to remember that. 

However, Vandana calmly stands up and tells Kuldeep that one doesn't get respect due to money but surely loses it if one disrespects Goddess Annapurna, the God of food. 

Kuldeep continues rebuking Vandana and calls her characterless while Atya meddles between them and raises her finger in his face telling him that she won't listen to anything against his daughter. 

Meanwhile, Kuldeep gets angry and asks her how dare she point her finger at him while Atya tells him that she is only raising her finger otherwise she would have slapped him. 

Kuldeep pushes Atya to the ground in anger she falls very badly as the family rushes to help her. 

Bobby helps her up while Pammi signals him to get away from her. 

Vandana latches onto Kuldeep's collar asking him how dare he harm Atya. 

However, Kunal comes there just then and shouts at Vandana seeing her holding his father by the collar. 

He comes in between them and rebukes Vandana while she tells him that he should learn everything first about what happened. 

Kuldeep falls to the ground and acts as if he's in shock while Pammi shouts that Vandana is to blame for it. 

Kunal doesn't listen to a word Vandana says as he tells her to get out of there. 

He insults her telling her that he will get her and her family kicked out if they do not leave on their own. 

Vandana walks to the gates with her family but turns as Kunal shouts for her to stop and throws the laddoo he had kept towards her. 

She catches it and puts it in the box while he tells her to leave now. 

However, Vandana walks back to them and tells them how she had heard that Kanak records have an eye for talent but it is also false. 

She says that they don't even have humanity and one needs a strong will to select talent but they are shallow along with their family. 

Kunal doesn't talk to her and just tells her to walk away from there. 

The Karmarkar family walks away from there with Kanak's records board falling to the ground behind them. 

Kunal shouts for the guests to leave as the party is over and tells Bobby to check all the phones and make sure there are no photos or videos.

The family looks on as Kunal tries to comfort Kuldeep but he continues to have difficulty breathing. 

Kuldeep blames Kunal for it and says that Pammi would not have called them to the party if that girl's photo had not been with Kunal in the news. 

Kunal tries to hide his tears as Kuldeep tells him that he is the reason for Kuldeep getting insulted again and again. 

Hearing this, Kunal says that he won't let it happen as he will make Vandana's life a living hell.

Kuldeep tells him to stay by his words while Bobby comes there and shows a meme of Vandana grabbing Kuldeep's collar.

Pammi cries that memes live on forever while Kuldeep tells Kunal that he will forever remember this insult. 

Kuldeep gets taken away while Kunal shouts at someone on call that he wants that meme removed from the internet at any cost. 

Bobby feels bad while Pammi tells him that it's not his fault and smirks saying that Kunal will handle those neighbours from now on. 

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