Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th November 2023 episode starts with Vani staring at Kunal who looks happy which makes her say to herself that it is only because of Vandu that he is so happy today.

She goes to Kunal and asks when he intends to tell his dad about Tara which makes Kunal nervous.

She says that he can take his time, adding that Tara and Vandu are god’s blessing to them.

Meanwhile, Vandana is haunted by Vaibhav’s recent memories when Mrunal comes and looks at her with an evil smile.

She goes to her and throws a bowl of colour from her hand, saying that she was looking very nice in the video because, after all, she was the one who shot it.

Vandana starts laughing, saying that Mrunal cannot do anything until and unless Vaibhav divorces her.

She also says that the ones who dig holes for others, fall into them themselves.

Vandana says that Vaibhav is neither interested in her nor Mrunal and is just interested in their share of the property.

Mrunal goes into introspection and leaves the room nervously.

Back at Kunal’s house, Vani tells Kunal that Tara is his daughter and is in dire need of love as he should learn from his own childhood experience.

Kunal goes to Tara’s room who is talking in her sleep and asking Vandu to be in her life forever.

She also says that she has bought a gift for Kunal but has not given it to him yet.

Kunal lies down beside her and takes the drawing copy from her hands as she sleeps and finds the motion drawings of him, Tara, and Soniya.

He gets emotional and thinks that Vandu is the only one who took care of Tara, he also remembers Soniya’s harsh words.

Meanwhile, Vandana has gotten into Mrunal’s head and she confronts Vaibhav about it.

Vaibhav gets furious but still tries to explain to her that he loves her but since she cannot trust him then they should call it off.

Mrunal holds him and says that she loves him and is sorry to which Vaibhav says that he will destroy Vandu.

The next day, the Diwali preparations are going on by Vandu when Mrunal comes in to talk to Vaibhav and sits beside her.

She keeps flirting with him and trash-talks Vandu which makes Vandu say to herself that Mrunal has gone crazy in love.

Anagha comes angrily towards Vandu and says that she should convince Vijay to sell the property to which she replies that no one is going to sell the house.

Meanwhile, Anagha calls her selfish and says that just because Vandu is 35 years old, is infertile, and got betrayed that is why she is hoarding the property.

Anagha yells at Vandu and calls Vijay an idiot which makes Vandu yell back at her but Hemant and Mrunal join in too and all three of them try to overwhelm Vandana.

Vandana just stares at the three of them after which she shouts at them to stop and says that Diwali is a festival and will clean all the evil in the house.

Vaibhav has been watching this entire incident through Mrunal’s video call.

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