Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 16th September 2023 episode starts with Atya going to sit beside Vandana who asks her if she is okay. 

Anagha comes there and gives both of them sweet drinks while Atya cries that all of this is her fault as she should have ignored their talks. 

Vandana tells everyone to forget about it as Shivam consoles Atya saying that she is cute while the Malhotra's are the bad people. 

Vaibhav asks Vandana why she had to elongate the drama as they already have enough problems in their lives. 

Vandana gets blamed! 

He tells her that they would have handled it as she should have not caught Kuldeep by the collar.

Vandana cries that she has to fight against her morals and upbringing to fight against someone older than her and says that they all see her actions but do not understand her emotions. 

Mrunal shows them the memes and videos going viral of Vandana holding Kuldeep by the collar. 

Anagha asks Vandana if she is happy adding to the problems they already have while Mrunal also states that the Malhotra's are not going to stop there. 

Vandana cries that everything will be alright as she is sure Vedika will explain Kunal everything and open his eyes to the whole truth. 

He asks her if she is crazy and explains to her that Kunal will not calm down and go crazy as his father has been insulted and humiliated. 

Vaibhav walks away from there in anger while Anagha drags Shivam to sleep stating that the ones who have done the deed will stay awake for it. 

Mrunal accuses Vandana of ruining the party and the family's mood as she walks away. 

Vandana cries recalling everyone's words while Kunal on the other hand is racking his brains for something as he watches Vandana coming into the kitchen through the window. 

Vandana cries at her situation

She fills a glass of water and gulps it down with shaky hands while Kunal looks at her and says that not only a new day but her bad time has also started as he calls someone. 

At night, Vandana sits cuddled up by herself on the sofa while Atya comes there and hugs her. 

She tells Vandana that she understands her talks about how their own family has abandoned her in these tough times. 

Vandana consoles Atya and tells her to go to sleep as she tries to calm herself recalling the party. 

The lights go out as she wonders if she should apologize to the Malhotra's when she hears a loud knocking on the door. 

Kunal buys the Malhotra house

She turns on the flashlight on her phone and goes to open the door with hesitancy, picking up a bat for safety but drops it as she notices the shadow of two feet from the crack of the door. 

Vandana opens the door and comes face to face with Kunal who is looking at her with disgust. 

Before she can talk, he tells her that she has 10 minutes to leave the house and tells her to pack everything she can and run away. 

Vandana cries that the house is theirs while Kunal shows her the documents and tells her that he has gotten ownership of Vandana Niwas by paying 25 lakhs to Bhavesh. 

The timer starts ticking as Vandana cries that the house is her father's but Kunal doesn't listen to her. 

She cries, begging him to sit and talk as this is not possible while the lights come back on revealing the rest of the family standing there. 

Kunal walks away as Atya stops him and requests him not to make them homeless while Mrunal and Anagha blame Vandana for it. 

Vandana goes to talk to Kunal while he orders her to talk to him formally only reminding her that five minutes are left. 

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