Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th December 2023 episode starts with the celebration of Kunal and Vandana's pre-marriage rituals.

To respect both cultures, Marathi and Punjab, the families decide to share the rituals from both cultures. 

Kunal and Vandana's family dance and enjoy the night thus melting all of Kunal's and Vandana's tension away.

After the celebration, Vandana thanks Kunal for coming and he again starts dancing following the Marathi culture. 

Tara also joins them, making Vandana stare at Tara and Kunal as they are enjoying the programme with all they have.

On the other hand, Mrunal doesn't join the premarriage celebration programme of Vandana and Kunal as she was forbidden to do so.

Meanwhile, Kuldeep is informed by the authorities about Vaani having escaped from the shelter. 

Kuldeep doesn't believe that Vani can go anywhere by herself and expects to find her in the marriage location of Kunal and Vandana. 

He rushes to stop her from attending the marriage while outside, Vani roams the road to find her children, Kunal and Vedika.

Recalling the faces of Kunal and Vedika, she gets emotional and proceeds towards the house of Kunal.

On the way, Vani gasps out of fatigue and weakness but despite it, remembers the house and proceeds to meet Kunal and Vedika.

Coming to the house of Vandana, Vani stares at the face of Kunal and recalls the past days when Kunal was a kid.

She watches Kunal dancing and tries to call him, but no one hears her because of the loud music noise while she utters the name of Kunal.

Vaani extends her hands but from behind, Kuldeep comes and holds her face tightly thus, dragging her towards the car as he doesn't want to waste a minute.

He forcefully drags Vani and puts her inside the car while Vani tells Kuldeep to let her meet Kunal and Vedika.

Vaani requests Kuldeep endlessly but Kuldeep forcefully shuts her up.

At the end of the function, Vandana asks Kunal whether he has enjoyed the food or not while Kunal expresses his happiness, meeting the Karmakar family. 

Afterwards, Kunal feels hungry even after having had his dinner and requests Vandana to arrange some food for him.

Vandana brings Kunal to a food stall and buys a plate of vada pav for Kunal which turns out to be the last plate.

The shopkeeper asks Vandana to share the last bit of vada pav with Kunal, making Kunal share his food with Vandana.

Afterwards, Kunal and Vandana approach home and from a distance, in the car Vaani notices Kunal.

This leads Vaani to stammer out Kunal's name, making Kuldeep look at Kunal with horror written all over his face while Kunal approaches the Mansion with Vandana by his side.

As Vaani utters out Kunal's name faintly, Kunal looks towards her direction with a satisfied smile written all over his face.

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