Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th October 2023 episode starts with Vandana continuing to sob in the kitchen corner as she recalls the afternoon drama.

Meanwhile, Vaibhav talks to Mrunal on call happily telling her that it's good Vandana cannot be a mother as he has another reason to divorce her.

Mrunal tells him to marry her as she will complete his dream of becoming a father while he tells her that he can not wait to be with her.

Vandana on the other hand continues crying about wanting to be a mother while others have the gift yet refuse to accept it as she recalls finding a child in the dustbin.

The flashback shows Vandana, Anagha, and Atya coming to a temple when Vandana hears a small baby's cries and looks around. 

She looks around for the baby and finds it in a basket near the dustbin.

She picks up the baby, cradles it and shouts for the mother to come forward. 

The next morning, Kunal is jogging when his eyes fall on a fidget spinner and Sonia's favourite flower in his way.

He recalls how Sonia had given the toy a nickname yet not given him one and gets angry. 

He starts looking around when he sees the hand with the S bracelet and rushes towards that tree.

Kunal wonders why Sonia is playing hide-and-seek while a girl looks at him and smiles to herself.

Back at the Joshi house, Sarita prevents Vandana from doing the pooja telling her that it is good they found out about her earlier.

Vandana asks her what she means as Sarita tells her that her son won't be deprived of the joy of becoming a father because of her and leaves.

Hearing this, Vandana cries that she cannot let her marriage break as she runs to Vaibhav's room and tries to stop him and get him to talk to her.

He pushes her to the ground, telling her to not touch him addressing her formally.

She cries that she is not at fault while he tells her that she has taken away his dream of becoming a father and betrayed her.

Vandana cries to him that they should take a second opinion and stops him when the vermillion flings on Vaibhav's shirt ruining it.

He shouts at her asking what is this as Sarita and Anjali enter the room.

Sarita rebukes her when Vinayak comes there just then and tells them to shut up and see Vandana's pain for once.

Vaibhav tells them to leave as he needs to change and go to the office for a meeting.

Further, Vinayak sees Vandana in the corner of the kitchen and picks her up consoling her and telling her to go to work to distract her mind.

Vandana apologizes for not making lunch and roams around the kitchen while Vinayak tells her that they will handle it and makes her leave for the office.

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