Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th November 2023 episode starts with Tara telling Kunal in the car that it was not Vandana’s fault as she also wanted to meet Soniya.

Tara tells Kunal that she wants to pee which makes Kunal worry as she cannot hold it.

Meanwhile, Soniya apologizes as because of her, Vandana got scolded to which Vandana says that she knows what she is going through.

Soniya is reminded of the time when Indrinil told her that Kunal and Vandana were into each other.

Soniya says that from what Vandana tells her, it looks like Kunal has changed a lot to which Vandana replies that maybe he was like this all along and she failed to notice.

Vandana then asks Soniya about Tara’s likes and dislikes to which Soniya replies that in London, a nanny used to take care of Tara.

Back at Kunal’s house, he goes to Vani and says that Vandana is crossing her boundaries and the fact that she is just his PA. 

Vandana overhears this and says that a daughter needs no blessing other than that of her father but Kunal has become a symbol of fear to Tara.

Kunal says that Vandana is not her mother India and that is why has no right to take Tara’s decision.

Meanwhile, she heads out to leave but Tara calls her name and goes after her.

Vandana says that she has some important work to do to which Tara says that will she come and meet her after work.

Vani then goes to Kunal and says that he cannot separate a mother from her daughter to which he replies that the problem is not Soniya but Indrinil.

Meanwhile, Anagha goes to Shivam who is studying, she tells her to do his homework later as Diwali just comes one day.

She then gifts him a big car and asks if he wants a new phone or a new videogame.

She says that she knows his classmates are very rich and he might also want those things and in order to get all the stuff, he should ask Vijay because he loves him a lot.

He should convince Vijay to sell off the house because that will bring him a lot of money and then ask him if he will talk to Vijay to which he says yes.

Shivvam goes to Vijay and tells him that it is his mother’s dream to have him lead a lavish life and he wants that too.

He then says that it will only be possible if he sells the house.

He looks at Vandana who looks at him with sad eyes.

Shivam holds Vijay’s hand and says that he wants Vijay not to tell the house which makes everyone shocked.

He says that he loves Vandana and Vijay a lot and wants to live with them in this house only and when he grows up, he will earn money himself.

Hemant yells at Shivam but Shivam asks him if he kicks Hemant out of his own house then how would he feel.

Hemant raises his hand to strike Shivam but Vandana stops him.

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