Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th October 2023 episode starts with Vandana not having any sense as she stands silently at the corner of the road.

Kunal and Bobby pass that road in their car and Kunal notices Vandana getting pushed back by other people passing from the path and not having any reaction.

Bobby notices Vandana and tells Kunal if he plans to go and see her to which Kunal says that he has to go as he knows that Vandana's condition is not good.

Kunal and Bobby come to Vandana and try to bring her back to her senses but Vandana's mind continues to play the family's circumstances in repeat and how Vaibhav acted with her.

Seeing Vandana not listening to their calls, Kunal snaps his fingers in front of Vandana to bring her back to her senses and she blinks non-sensically realizing that she is standing on the road.

Bobby asks Vandana to come with them as they are going to the office only and she can go there with them as she does not seem that good in condition.

Vandana agrees to join Kunal and Bobby in the office, acting like everything is fine even though her world is crumbling apart.

Meanwhile, Vaibhav meets with Mrunal and tells her how everyone has come to hate Vandana due to the test result which states that she cannot become a mother in her life.

Mrunal says that she feels bad for Vandana but admits that feeling bad for Vandana will not save her own life which is why she needs to think about her and Vaibhav first.

Vaibhav says that he will continue the scene in his house as long as the family members get to hate Vandana and she gets thrown out of that house which will pave Mrunal's way inside.

Elsewhere, Kunal notices Vandana's lost attitude and asks her about the presentation which makes Vandana panic and she says that she will finish it first after reaching the office.

Seeing how Vandana is forgetting about her work, Kunal confirms that something is not right about her situation and gets worried.

Vandana watches a child running after balloons and gets shocked to see a car coming from the opposite direction after which she runs out of the car with Kunal running after her.

As Vandana saves the child from getting hit by the car, Kunal picks both Vandana and the child and saves them from getting hit by another car coming their way.

Vandana scolds the little girl for being careless while Kunal scolds Vandana for crazily jumping in the street out of nowhere.

The little girl stops Kunal from scolding Vandana and says that it is her mistake for not following the traffic rules which makes Vandana soft toward her.

Vandana says that they all are all right and asks the little girl for her name to which she replies with the name "Tara" making Kunal's expression change.

As Tara says that she has come there with her granny, Vandana goes to drop her to her family after which Tara's caretaker finds them.

Tara ties a friendship bracelet on Vandana's wrist while Vandana also ties a colourful thread on Tara's wrist which validates their new friendship.

Vandana's mood lightens up as Tara tells her that she loves her while Kunal smiles slowly seeing Vandana happy with Tara.

Later, Vandana comes to meet her family and acts like nothing is wrong but Vijay guesses the situation and asks her not to lie.

Kunal says that every day will be like this only as he had asked Vandana not to marry Vaibhav.

After Kunal reaches his office, an unknown man comes outside the office building in a big car and says that he is excited to meet Kunal and see how he is doing.

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