Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th December 2023 episode starts with Vandana looking at the wedding venue and asking lord ganesha to bless her as her marriage with Kunal is for Tara's sake.

Atya too prays to lord Ganesha to bind Vandana and Kunal in a happy married bond.

Inside, Kunal gets restless as Kuldeep isn't picking up his call, making Pammy state that she talked with Kuldeep and he is coming in a while.

Pammy asks Kunal to get ready and goes away when Tara comes and gives Kunal a kala teeka and a kiss as it's his special day.

Kunal asks Tara from where she learned this making Tara state that Vandana taught her this when Kunal smiles and asks her to go get ready. 

He resolves to talk to Vandana while Tara goes to Vandana and gives her a kaala teeka too, making Vandana hug her.

Tara then runs up to Shivam when Kunal calls Vandana and asks her to come up in five minutes as he has to tell something to her before the marriage.

There, Vedika brings a sherwani for Kunal and he goes away to talk to Vandana leaving his phone behind.

Soon, the phone rings with Soniya, making Vedika secretly attend to it as she doesn't want any mess at her brother's wedding.

Thus, Vedika takes Kunal's phone and goes downstairs after which she attends to Soniya's call who asks Kunal to help her out as Indranil is torturing her.

Vedika hangs up the call, making Soniya call Kunal up again and Vedika switches off the phone, making Soniya cryingly notice the locked door.

On the other hand, Vaani begs Kuldeep to open the door, adding that karma will pay him for his actions and Kunal will hate him the most.

Kuldeep shuts Vaani up as he's tired of her screams and gives money to the guards outside to keep Vaani securely shut in the room. 

Pammy calls Kuldeep up and conveys her fear of not executing the plan if Vijay doesn't come.

Kuldeep states whether Vijay arrives or not his world would still crash as Vandana's marriage would shatter with Kunal.

Pammy keeps down the phone when she notices a passing shadow and ponders upon it, gradually leaving it as she thinks it's her hallucination. 

On the other hand, Kuldeep laughs at Vijay as he has gone to attend a friend's funeral and resolves to destroy his friendship.

Later, Kunal tells Vandana that he's a very moody person and is not the cheery kind of person he has been all these days and adds that he will let Soniya meet Tara.

Vandana promises to be the best mother to Tara and afterwards, Kunal and Vandana get ready for the wedding.

In a dark corner, Vaani sobs while at the hotel, Kuldeep gets ready to destroy Vijay's life.

Meanwhile, Soniya tearfully thumps on the door continuously as she wants to get out.

Soon, the marriage starts while in the hotel, Vedika confronts Kuldeep as she has heard about his plans with Pammy. 

Vedika breaks Kuldeep's phone and charger as she doesn't want him to spoil Kunal's life.

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