Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th January 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th January 2024 episode starts with the Malhotra’s arriving at the terrace to celebrate Makar Sankranti the festival of kites.

Kunal, Vandana and Tara as a team kick start the kite festival while Vandana shows off her exceptional kite flying skills.

On the other hand, Soniya informs Kunal that she is leaving but he does not give any attention to her and tells her to leave.

Soniya tells Kunal that it is her last festival with her daughter and she wants to celebrate it with her.

Kunal agrees but Tara is hesitant to go near Soniya while Vandana tells her to go to her mother.

Kunal and Vandana continue flying kites together and catching glances at each other.

Getting competitive Soniya is also flying a kite but Vandana beats her and takes the victory.

Tara is also very happy to see Vandana win and claims that she was always on Kunal and Vandana’s team.

Mocking Soniya for losing to Vandana everywhere, Pammi addresses Soniya as a loser but Soniya is not to be underestimated as she tells Pammi that the time bomb is about to go off.

Later a woman calling out Kunal’s name appears on the rooftop and everyone is in wonder.

Kunal comes out and asks her what this is about and she replies that there has been a complaint against him.

He further asks what the complaint is about and he finds out that it's from the child welfare department.

Stunned at the fact that someone filed a complaint against him, Kunal asks who filed the complaint.

Just then Soniya claims that she is the one who filed the complaint because her daughter is not safe in this environment.

Furious at her claims Kunal asks Soniya to get out of the house that instant but she will not go without her daughter.

She informs the woman in charge that Vani tried to push Tara into a pit of fire yesterday.

Soniya claims that Vani should be admitted to a hospital because of her mental health and she cannot leave her daughter with Vani at present.

She asks Tara to come with her but Tara doesn't want to leave after which Vandana and Kunal send Tara inside the house.

Kunal demands Soniya to take back her complaint and leave but she insists on taking her daughter with her.

She accuses Vedika and Vandana of supporting Vani and her insolent behaviour.

Interrupting Soniya Vandana asks her to stop making false allegations against Vani because she has proof.

Speechless at her claims Soniya is now worried about being exposed for her lies.

As Vandana shows the video from the Lohri night which displays what happened, Soniya is shocked to her core as the truth has come to light and Soniya has been exposed.

Vandana informs her that if she looked at Tara with a mother's love she would have backed off long before but all she could see in Soniya was jealousy, stubbornness and greed.

Kunal kicks out Soniya and orders her to never set foot in the Malhotra house again after which everything has been sorted and Vandana comforts Tara and Vani who suffered a lot.

On the other hand, Bobby and Mrunal are seen together.

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