Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 19th November 2023 episode starts with Vandana scolding Hemant for trying to beat Shivam despite telling the right thing, leading Hemant to threaten Vijay to split up the property.

She tells Hemant that Vijay is not alone leading Hemant to go away, followed by Anagha.

In the evening, Vandana notices the flickering lights making her check on the main box leading her to be electrocuted. 

This falls to the family's notice while Kunal saves her in time and then, scolds her for doing an electrician's work.

Bobby asks the duo if they need any help making both Kunal and Vandana state that they are fine.

Kunal and Vandana then, decide to fix a joint connection to light up both their houses while Vedika and Bobby pray to god to strengthen the duo's connection. 

Just then, Sonia and Indranil arrive leading them to notice Vandana and Kunal making Sonia scream out for Tara.

Indranil calls out for Tara too, making Tara come out and then, Indranil and Sonia give new clothes and firecrackers to Tara, for her the next day.

However, Tara states that Vandana got her new clothes which she'll wear the next day and tells Indranil that she'll not burst crackers as they create a lot of noise.

Sonia and Indranil get irritated while Tara emphasizes celebrating Diwali with earthen lamps and blessings.

Tara asks the betrayers to come the next day leading Sonia to state that she and Indranil will be at a party.

Kunal asks Sonia to come forward making her go forward while Bobby urges Tara to go inside.

In the meantime, Kunal chides Sonia for meeting Tara while Sonia scolds Vandana and Kunal for their growing closeness.

Sonia scolds Vandana for trying to be Tara's mother when Tara comes in asking Sonia if she's wishing Kunal and Vandana a happy Diwali.

She wishes the duo a happy Diwali making Tara hug Vandana, much to Sonia's irritation who then walks away with Indranil.

During this, Sonia and Indranil hear Atya and Vedika's prayer to unite Vandana and Kunal, making Indranil tell Sonia that he was right.

Sonia tells Indranil that she'll not let anything happen between Kunal, Vandana and Tara and leaves. 

The next morning, Vijay tells Vandana that Anagha didn't do good by leaving Shivam at her mother's place.

Anagha starts arguing with Vijay regarding the property making Vandana state that she better not fight, but focus on applying ubtan as per rituals.

At Malhotra House, the Malhotra's apply ubtan on each other making Tara apply ubtan on Kunal.

A pause happens but Kunal smiles, while Tara asks Vedika the significance of Ubtan application on Diwali. 

Vedika says it's auspicious making Tara, run forward. 

Inside, seeing that no one is applying ubtan on her Vandana applies it when Tara applies it to her, making Vandana happy.

Later, Vandana and Kunal come out and notice Vaibhav firing up crackers, leading both of them to scold him.

This amazes Vaibhav while Mrunal comes in and engages in a physical display of affection.

As a result, Kunal drops the pandal cloth on them and tells Vandana to not pay attention to dirt. 

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