Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st December 2023 episode starts with Kunal calling Vandana in his cabin and asking her to sit down.

Vandana looks nervously at Kunal, saying that she knows that something big is going on in his mind.

He cuts Vandana's statement mid-way and asks her if she would marry him which startles her.

Kunal stammers and asks Vandana to sit again and then asks Vandana to just hear it out.

He continues to say that Tara wants to stay with her but since Vandana is not her family that is why Soniya will raise this issue in court in the next hearing.

Kunal states to get Tara's full custody, he will have to marry Vandana and together they both can give Tara the love, she deserves.

He says that he knows he is sounding selfish but he does not want love but just wants to cut a deal with Vandana for Tara's sake.

Kunal says that he cannot fall in love ever again so he is telling this to Vandana beforehand so there is no false hope.

He then starts telling Vandana about himself and says that he wants to keep his father very happy as he respects him more than anyone.

However, if Tara leaves her then the balance of his life will shake.

Kunal says that he is a good cook too but Vandana's mind is racing through the events of the past as her eyes go red and pool up with tears.

He says to her that there is no pressure and even if she says no, he would not mind it, asking her if she would marry him or not.

Later, Vandana goes home as she tells Vijay and everyone else about the thing Kunal asked her which makes Vijay very angry.

He says that how dare Kunal be so selfish that just for the sake of Tara, he is expecting Vandana to ruin her life.

Atya says that today it might seem that Kunal is being selfish but soon this will all make sense to which he says that Vandana is not a used band-aid that Kunal can use around.

Vijay asks Vandana if she said no to which Vandu replies that she can never become a mother and that is why she cannot let Tara go.

He tells Vandana that Kunal needs a maid and not a wife therefore, he will never support Vandana in this matter.

Vandana keeps thinking about Vaibhav and everyone who can taunt her regarding her decision and how this one event can ruin Vijay and Atya’s life.

She realizes that Hemant and Anagha will try to sell the house if she marries Kunal and will send Vijay and Ajji back to their village.

She then thinks of Soniya and Indrinil and how they will treat Tara badly if Soniya gets the custody.

Vandana's thoughts consume her and she holds her ears in her hands and yells so that she can clear her head.

She closes her eyes again and this time thinks of Tara and how the little girl needs her so much.

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