Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st January 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st January 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st January 2024 episode starts with Vandana telling Mrunal to be where she is as she is coming to her as soon as possible.

Vandana then sends a voice note to Kunal asking him to pick Tara up from school however, Soniya texts okay to her and then deletes the message from Kunal's phone.

Later, Vandana then drops her phone accidentally after which she goes to Kunal and asks where Tara is to which Kunal says that she did not inform him about this.

Tara enters along with Soniya which makes Tara say why didn't Vandana come pick her up to which Vandana says that she is not lying as she did text her.

Vandana asks Soniya how she knew that Tara was at school alone to which Soniya replies that she wanted to surprise Tara.

Vandana starts crying and apologizes to Tara after which Soniya starts her melodrama saying what if Tara had gotten kidnapped.

Kunal says that it is okay now as Tara is back home however he is very disappointed in Vandana.

Later, Tara's birthday party starts and all the kids start playing along with Bobby after which Kunal says to Vandana that they will make this birthday of Tara the most memorable.

Anagha and Hemant join the party which makes Pammi say that they should quickly get out of the house.

Anagha says that she has come to apologize and has brought sweets for her which makes Pammi roll her eyes.

The whole family then starts dancing, and seeing Kunal and Vandana dancing very closely with one another makes Soniya very jealous.

Vandana then drags Soniya into the dancing crowd after which Soniya tells Vandana that she is going to pick a surprise for Tara and will return soon.

The jokers come and start playing with Tara however, it scares Tara instead of amusing her.

Vandana notices that Tara is getting uncomfortable and tells the jokers to back off as Tara is getting scared, Tara faints while Vandana holds her.

Soniya enters with a gift in her hand and is shocked to see Tara like this and then remembers that she forgot to tell Vandana that Tara is scared of clowns.

She texts Pammi to help her after which Pammi goes to hamper with Tara's file while Soniya blames Vandana for not reading the file properly.

Soniya asks Vandana to give her daughter back to her which hurts Vandana while Kunal calls the doctor.

Kunal sees the file and says that it clearly says that Tara has a phobia of clowns which makes Kunal furious.

He then says that he is sorry to say that Vandana can never be a good mother after which Kunal asks Vandana not to come to the hospital as he cannot bear her face.

Pammi then tells Rano about Soniya's game which makes Rano very impressed.

After Tara comes back from the hospital, Soniya says that Taea has just returned from the hospital and that is why she does not want Vandana around her.

Meanwhile, Kunal tells the rest of the family that because of Tara's weak heart, she is extra sensitive to everything.

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