Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 1st November 2023 episode starts with Mrunal getting jealous of the closeness between Vaibhav and Vandu when Vaibhav tells her that she has nothing to worry about as he’s only putting on a show.

Mrunal takes him to a corner and picks up a plate of vermillion, saying that she can't wait anymore, adding that she wants him to fill her hairline with it, making Vaibhav smile who then takes a pinch of vermillion and applies it to her head.

Vandu is right in front of them and watches the two of them when she gets heartbroken, remembering all the promises of eternal love that Vaibhav made to her who is now making them with Mrunal.

Vaibhav says that once Hemant takes the token money from the builder and the property deal is finalized, Vandu’s share will automatically get transferred to him thus enabling him to leave Vandu forever following which no one will interfere with them.

Mrunal says that no one will blame Vaibhav for the divorce as Vandu cannot become a mother so this will act in their favour while Vandu watches the two of them painfully during which Mrunal continues to say that she is so proud of her and Vaibhav for being such good actors.

Vaibhav replies that since the day he found out that the house was being sold, he could transfer Vandu’s share of money in his FD which is why he started acting like he is in love with Vandu.

He adds that by the time Vandu learns the truth, her whole world will topple down while they will be living prosperously when he hugs Mrunal tightly.

Vandu gets shaky and falls unconscious to the ground when Kunal sees her while Mrunal and Vaibhav hug each other following which everyone rushes towards Vandu.

Vijay yells about what has happened to his Vandu to which Kunal replies, looking at Vaibhav angrily that Vandu is traumatized since the veil of lies regarding her love is unveiled. 

Kunal says that he will bring the truth in front of everyone when he carries Vandu and keeps looking at Vaibhav with nothing but hate in his eyes while making the exit.

He takes Vandu inside the house and is followed by everyone when he places her on the sofa, saying that betrayal in love feels like an electric shock.

Vjjay asks Kunal what happened to her but before Kunal can reply, Vaibhav barges in and says that Vandu did not eat anything because of the dance and everything.

Kunal angrily gets up and punches Vaibhav in his face, holds him by his collar and asks him to confess everything in front of everything about him betraying Vandana.

Mrunal tries to release Vaibhav out of Kunal’s grip but he yells at her too when Vaibhav remains silent while Kunal asks everyone to notice the vermillion of Mrunal’s head and also on Vaibhav’s hand.

Everyone gets shocked to their core while Kunal continues to say that Vandu is suffering even in her senseless state because of witnessing the biggest betrayal ever.

He further states that when one's family betrays them, it breaks one into a million pieces.

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