Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 21st November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 21st November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 21st November 2023 episode starts with Pammi telling everyone that now waves of dance are spewing out of her body so they should just put on some music.

Everyone dances their hearts out but after some time Soniya gets jealous seeing Vandana, Kunal, and Tara dancing together.

Indranil asks Tara to come along with him as he has a lot of crackers to which Tara replies that she will not burn any big crackers as it scares the animals, causing pollution and this was taught to her by Vandana.

He thinks to himself that he just bearing this nonsense for Soniya’s sake.

However, Tara accidentally burns a big cracker which surrounds her when smoke and explosion take over.

Tara yells Vandana and Kunal’s name for help while Soniya begs Indranil to save Tara.

Kunal and Vandana pick up a quilt and wrap Tara in it along with both of them.

After some time, Soniya goes to Tara and asks if she's okay now, trying to hug her but Tara holds Kunal and Vandana.

Tara asks why didn’t Soniya come to save her to which Kunal says that Soniya does not have a big heart like a mother should have.

Vaibhav asks Kunal if Soniya is Tara’s mother then why his wife Vandana jumped into the fire along with Kunal.

Soniya congratulates Kunal as he always wanted to instigate Tara against her, adding that he just wants to create distance between her and Tara.

Pammi whispers that although Soniya comes by car, her mind works at the pace of a pedestrian.

Kunal says that Tara feels this connectivity with Vandana and this is no one’s fault but Soniya’s and no one should be like her.

Soniya says that Kunal and Vandana are much more than colleagues as they are in an affair.

Everyone is shocked at Soniya's words while she continues to say that the reason Vandana left Vaibhav is so that she could be with Kunal.

Vaibhav says that Soniya is the only one with a sharp brain but before he can say something else, Kunal yells and asks him to shut up.

Kunal then turns to Soniya, saying that she and Vaibhav are just the same because whenever they open their mouth only senseless blabbering comes out.

Soniya says that Kunal does not know who she actually is to which Kunal replies calmly that he does know who she is.

He says that she is full of shit and her mind is filled with garbage, he also says that her red saree is a symbol of the red flag that she is.

Kunal then turns to Indranil and calls him Mr, Indru sarcastically asking him why has his woman gone crazy.

He tells Indranil that the saree Soniya is wearing was the first gift that Kunal gave her after marriage.

Soniya says that she always thought Kunal would never fall in love again after her but she was wrong as he is in love with Vandana.

Kunal asks Soniya to shut up, Pammi also yells at Soniya and asks her to spill her stupidity somewhere else.

Soniya says that no one can stop this truth from being unveiled and says that their families have already decided to get them married which shocks both Vandana and Kunal.

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