Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd December 2023 episode starts with Tara telling Vandana that she has planned a welcome for her.

Tara comes with an arti thali and does her arti all alone which makes Vandana very happy as she thanks Tara.

Vandu then asks Tara to do her Ghar Pravesh along with her as her father is not here and she does not want to do it alone.

Both Vandana and Tara step on the red liquid and then walk inside the house together after which Vandana lights the diya.

Vandana and Tara then pray to Matarani, asking for blessings in return for their hard work.

Later, Vandana makes Tara sleep when Vedika comes and apologises to Vandana for whatever happened to which Vandu says that it is not her fault.

Vedika then tries to tell Vandana about Kuldeep however, their conversation breaks when Bobby calls Vandana and tells her that Kunal has gone somewhere.

Vandana asks Vedika to stay with Tara as she has to go immediately.

Meanwhile, Kunal goes to Indrinil and starts beating him for raising his hand at Soniya which makes Indrinil laugh and say that Kunal is still in love with Soniya.

Kunal says that he would have done the same if it was any other woman as well to which Indrinil says that both Soniya and Kunal are obsessed with one another.

Indrinil says that Soniya is his property to which Kunal says that if he ever says anything ill about his Soniya then he will break his face.

Vandana overhears them and tries to stop Kunal who is choking Indrinil.

She makes Kunal leave Indrinil and tells him that he is a father now and needs to think of his daughter.

Vandana takes Kunal home which makes Kunal say that Vandana is Tara's mother but not his wife and that is why she should not stop him when he is doing anything.

Atya comes outside and asks Vandana if she and Kunal fought, Vaibhav comes out and says that Vandana's second marriage is also going down.

Mrunal also mocks Vandana but Atya stops Vaibhav while Anagha says that no matter what Vandana should not let Soniya steal her husband.

Meanwhile, Kunal yells at Vedika badly which makes her stammer, he says that he told Soniya to call him whenever she is in trouble, and if anything would have happened to her then he would never forgive her.

Vedika cannot bring words to her mouth when Vandana comes and asks Kunal to stop and see his sister's condition.

Kunal says that he asked Vandana not to act like his wife to which Vandu says that she knows it however, she would have done the same if she was not his wife.

He leaves while Vedika tells Vandana that she did not know that Soniya was actually in trouble, Vandana calms her down.

Later, Vandana goes to Kunal with milk which makes Kunal ask if has Vandana gone mad that she has come to celebrate their first night.

Vandana replies that she has brought turmeric milk for him because of his wounds and then says that Kunal should file a police complaint against Indrinil for domestic violence.

She then gets her dupatta stuck to Kunal's watch which she releases and after that heads straight for Tara's room.

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