Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd January 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd January 2024 episode starts with Bobby contemplating whether to inform Vandana or not.

He displays his concerns towards Mrunal and tells Vandana everything while Vandana is shocked.

Kunal interrupts and claims that there is no reason for him to worry about Mrunal.

He interrogates Bobby about why is he so worried about her while Bobby claims that Mrunal is just a friend and nothing more.

Kunal informs Vandana that he does not like Mrunal at all and now her effect is showing on Bobby who is spending a lot of time with her.

He tells Vandana that Mrunal cannot be trusted and she will betray her in the end.

Meanwhile, Mrunal is in the other room crying and feeling guilty about her decision.

Just then, Pammi approaches Bobby but gets pushed off by him.

He claims that there is no need to tell him to stop talking to Mrunal as she is a bad influence and he is not a kid anymore.

Pammi is dumbfounded at his behaviour and concludes that it's Mrunal’s fault that his son is acting this way.

She decides to kick Mrunal out of the house before things get out of hand while Vandana is left in thought and decides to talk to Mrunal first about her decision of abortion.

Mrunal is her little sister is she not less than a daughter to Vandana but she cannot let Bobby's life get affected because of her.

Later in the next morning, Vandana is cleaning the room while Kunal walks into the bathroom.

Vandana does not notice Kunal getting inside the bathroom and walks inside the bathroom.

Kunal who is half-naked is discovered by Vandana which makes him embarrassed.

Vandana is also startled and turns away while apologizing.

She hurriedly walks away but he foot slips and she almost falls but Kunal grabs her and rescues Vandana while they accidentally switch on the shower.

Kunal and Vandana are holding each other while water pours down at them.

They are caught in a romantic scene and heat rises in the atmosphere.

On the other hand, Vani is in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone.

Vandana asks her why is she in the kitchen while Vani conveys that the incident from yesterday made everyone worried and that's why she feels guilty.

Vandana decides to help her in the kitchen while they make delicious breakfast.

Everyone gathers at the dining table and Vandana informs everyone that breakfast is made by Vani today.

Pammi taunts Vani on how she doesn't remember her son but remembers his favourite dishes.

Defending her mother Vedika informs Pammi that it was she who told Vani about Kunal's favourite dishes.

Kunal tastes the food and gets emotional while Vedika also compliments her food.

He and Vani bond together as she feeds Kunal breakfast.

Later, Kunal and Bobby leave for the office while Kunal is worried about him.

On the other hand, Vandana goes to pick up Tara from school but she is nowhere to be found.

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