Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd November 2023 episode starts with Kunal asking Vani and Atya to tell him the truth but they keep giving him vague responses which makes Kunal sure that Soniya is telling the truth.

Pammi thinks to herself that it is a marriage, not a milkman that can be done with anyone.

Kunal looks at Vandana suspiciously and says that just because he showed her some sympathy, she might have taken it the other way.

He continues to say that since her marriage is broke and Kunal is a perfect guy for her as he lives next door and also is very rich, she might have been building her relationship with Tara so that she can crawl her way into Kunal’s life.

He adds that he is impressed by Vandana’s cheap actions to which she replies that cheap is the way Kunal is talking as he knows that she just came out of a toxic marriage and now she is not interested in getting married to anyone.

Kunal says that even though he is not interested in getting married to her.

Suddenly, Tara calls Vandana’s name and says that she is very scared.

Kunal holds Tara midway and says that he is there with her but from now onwards, she will not meet Vandana.

He then angrily asks Vandana to keep a safe distance from Tara and stop trying to be her mother.

Tara tries to release herself from Kunal’s grip but Kunal does not let go while Vandana rushes inside the house.

Later, Vandana is furious at Atya for going behind her back and doing this as Tara is snatched away from her.

Meanwhile, Tara blames herself for what happened, she thinks that she did something wrong and that is why Vandana is not talking to her.

Kunal tells Vani to keep Tara away from Vandana as she has no blood relation to her to which Vani replies that blood relations are not everything but heart relations are more important.

Vani asks if he and Vandana are to be married then what is wrong in that as both of them are hurting in their life and only Tara can bring love and happiness back into their life.

Atya also asks Vandana the same thing to Vandana, saying that if two good people hold each other’s hand then what is wrong with that?

Both Kunal and Vandana say no in their respective houses.

After some time, Vandana tells Vijay that she is under compulsion and that she has to work with Kunal otherwise he will take the Vandana Niwas.

She says that what Kunal said today was way too harsh and not needed because now she has all the respect she had for him.

Vandana says that he keeps pointing out that she is not Tara's mother but he being the father has done nothing for Tara.

She adds that she does not care about Kunal but is worried about Tara as she has already been abandoned so many times.

Vijay tells her that tomorrow a new light will come and she just has to go through tonight.

The next day, Kunal makes pasta for Tara and takes it to her room himself.

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