Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 22nd October 2023 episode starts with Vandana turning around to see everyone praying as she recalls hearing a child's shout. 

She continues looking as the girl whom Vandana had saved from getting hit rushes towards her. 

She smiles thinking that the girl is going to hug her but the girl goes to Kunal and hugs him, calling him her father. 

Vandana bends down to Tara and tells her that Kunal is not her father while Tara shakes her head, stating she is sure he is her father. 

Hearing this, Vandana asks about her mother and Sonia makes her entry just then, announcing herself as Tara's mother. 

She enters as she states that she is there, making Tara meet her father. 

Kunal starts hyperventilating seeing her while she walks to stand in front of him with the fidget spinner still in her hands. 

Seeing the situation, Pammi sends all the guests outside for Bhog while the family watches her talk to Kunal. 

He recalls confessing to her that he likes her while Tara thanks Kunal, calling him her father. 

Tara tells Kunal that he must know who she is as he saved her while Sonia comes there and has Tara remove herself from her. 

She turns to Kunal, stating that she came to give him a surprise and turns to look at the door where Indrajeet enters. 

He puts his shoulder around Sonia and asks Kunal if his mouth is stuffed now since he was so confident the other day at the office. 

Bobby informs the family, whispering about Indra coming to Kunal and fighting with him at the office, angering the family even more. 

The family starts rebuking Sonia and Indra while the two continue flirting with each other in front of them. 

She shuts up Pammi and states that she is there to have their child meet her father. 

Vaibhav mockingly asks Kunal if he lied to the world about him being a bachelor when he is married and has a child to flirt with girls like his wife, Vandana. 

Kunal angrily pushes Tara away and Vandana saves her from hitting her head while Mrunal notices it and gets angry. 

He shouts at Sonia and Indra that he cannot bear their nonsense anymore and tells them to get out while she tells him that she is just there to get him to sign the divorce papers. 

He takes the papers in his hands and nods as he tells Sonia and Indrajeet to leave now. 

Sonia shakes her head as Indra tells her to give Kunal the gift. 

She gives him a black box and he opens it to see a small doll while Sonia asks him if he remembers it. 

Words of the two of them planning their kid and Kunal stating that he wants a daughter whose name will be Tara resurface in his mind. 

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