Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd December 2023 episode starts with Vandana waking up to a sleeping Tara after which she gets worried about Kunal.

Vandana texts Kunal a good morning and asks about Soniya after which she wishes herself the best.

At the Mansion, Vijay admires Vandana's look in the marriage and asks Atya if she danced during her video.

Mrunal states that Vandana's marriage with Kunal is on the verge of breaking making Vijay worried.

There, Vandana ties her hair in a towel as she has taken a shower and is then, informed by Bobby to pack clothes and a charger for Kunal.

Vandana opens the cupboard and after a lot of thinking, packs some dark-shade clothes.

She gives it to the steward and then, goes to check her bag when she finds Tara hidden in it.

Vandana hugs Tara and then decides to help Tara brush and shower up.

She intends to make a good hairstyle when Tara states that she's bored so Vandana turns on the music.

This results in Tara and Vandana quickly doing things and then, Vandana decides to settle Tara's toys.

However, Tara states that she will do it herself and Vandana goes down to make food for Tara.

Downstairs, Pammy noticing Vandana, taunts her with Kunal's undying love for Soniya.

Pammy further taunts Vandana for not maintaining herself and asks her to get ready as she has to go for her pag phera.

Vandana gets weirded out as her Marathi culture doesn't have the pag phera ritual but Pammy insists she does the ritual as she's in a Punjabi family now.

Pammy suggests Vandana have almonds as she keeps forgetting things and further asks her not to wait for Kunal as he's busy with Soniya.

Vandana decides to feed Tara and then go for her pag phera after which Pammy suggests she go rapidly.

Vedika silently comforts Vandana and scolds Pammy for trying to hurt Vandana by bringing in Soniya. 

Pammy feigns understanding of Vedika's concern and smirks as she thinks that Soniya herself is enough to spoil things between Kunal and Vandana. 

In the meantime, Tara and Vandana pray for everyone's well-being. 

In the kitchen, Pammy settles things when Vandana comes with Tara's incomplete food plate.

Tara didn't eat as she was disturbed by the events the previous day and then, Vandana tells Pammy that she's going to the Karmakar House.

Pammy freaks out about Vandana going in a basic manner which makes her go forward and take Vandana to the dressing room.

Later, Vandana looks gorgeous as Pammy has decked her up in a pink saree and suggests she wear a heavy neckpiece that matches her attire.

Pammy states that even if Vandana's neck goes down with the heavy necklace, it should glorify the Malhotra standards.

She further gives Vandana heavy earrings so that people focus on the earrings more than the dirt in her ear.

Pammy asks Vandana to stand up and tells her that people should admire her when she walks out.

At last, Pammy asks Vandana to go and states that she mustn't trade her heavy jewellery as she has counted every piece that she's worn. 

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