Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd November 2023 episode starts with Tara refusing to eat the pasta that Kunal made her and keeps crying for Vandana.

Pammi enters and starts scolding Tara, saying that when Bobby was little, she used to lock him in the room till he stopped crying.

Vani takes Tara’s side but Kunal does not give heed to anyone and tells them that Vandana will never be a part of their lives again.

Tara rushes out on the balcony and starts calling out Vandana’s name while crying.

Vandana who is hiding behind the wall, cannot bear to see Tara crying and takes a torch so that she can flash it at Tara and make her happy.

Meanwhile, Soniya hears a couple of women dreaming about dating Kunal as he is single now, she goes to them, spills a drink on their outfits, and asks them to leave the house.

Indrinil asks Soniya to gain her senses as to why Kunal’s topic is putting a frown on her face and why Kunal’s marriage affects her so much.

He asks Soniya by holding her tightly if she is still in love with Kunal or not, Soniya releases herself and asks him to leave her alone.

Back at Vandana Niwas, Vandana starts singing a soothing song while flashing the smiling torch near Tara which makes Tara happy for a little while.

Tara keeps seeing the smile and starts smiling along with it further, giving a huge yawn as Vandana’s voice brings peace to her.

The next day, someone is spying on Vandana and Vijay, Vijay is trying to walk using a supporter when the mysterious man lays a naked wire on the ground around water in Vijay’s path.

Vijay moves in the direction of the wire but Vandana saves him at the last moment and then follows the fire to see who laid it as the wire was not there earlier.

She asks Vijay to go back inside while she goes to work, thinking if the international clients were not coming today, she would have been with Vijay right now.

Later, Vandana asks Pammi and Vani if Tara is okay to which Pammi replies that last night the firecrackers were very loud and that is why Vandana has gone deaf that she did not hear Kunal warning to her against Tara.

Vandu asks if Tara had her breakfast or not, making Pammi grasp as she says that Vandana sings the same song repeatedly while Vani answers her.

Meanwhile, Vandana says that Tara is supposed to eat her medicines after breakfast as Soniya gave her a list to which Kunal replies while entering that Vandana should mail her the list and he will see to it himself.

A woman enters dressed conventionally, making Pammi shout in excitement, she hugs her and then introduces the woman as Simmi who is her best friend Nicki’s daughter.

Bobby falls immediately for her while Pammi whispers in Simmi’s ear that she has to flatter Kunal.

Simmi then tells Vandu that she will marry Simmi off to Kunal as their hashtags will be very cool.

She steps on the rangoli that Vandana made which makes Vandu think how much she wishes to mend Tara’s life just like this rangoli.

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