Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 23rd October 2023 episode starts with Sonia telling Kunal that she's not like other ladies to snatch the child from her parents after divorce and tells him that she is there to give him back his daughter. 

Indrajeet says that he raised Tara thinking of her as his own but now they are there to return him as she is his daughter. 

Kunal asks them why they came after seven years to which Sonia states that she's going to take a divorce from him and start a new married life with Indra. 

The family stands shocked while Pammi asks them if they are fools to believe that Tara is Kunal's daughter. 

Sonia reveals that she was pregnant when Kunal told her to leave and she didn't tell him since she knew Kunal would believe it to be Indra's. 

Kunal mocks them and tells Sonia that she got together with Indra for his money and power while Indra got with her to make him jealous. 

Indra and Kunal get into a fight while Sonia tries to separate them and mocks Kunal for being the same short-tempered guy as before. 

She leaves with Indra, telling Kunal to take care of his daughter and send the divorce papers after signing. 

Vandana tells Tara that she can open her eyes now and Tara opens them as she looks around for Sonia and Indra when she goes to Kunal and addresses him as her father, asking about her mother. 

Kunal walks away from there as Vandana hugs Tara and calms her down. 

Vedika tells Vandana that they will take care of Tara and tries to take her but Tara refuses to leave Vandana. 

Vaibhav tells Vandana that they should leave as the Malhotras are always doing some kind of drama while Tara clings to Vandana. 

Vandana tells Vaibhav that she'll come later and he is about to argue but is stopped by Mrunal, telling him to let Vandana be. 

Vaibhav nods as he leaves, stating that he does not care if Vandana stays or leaves and walks out with Mrunal after him. 

On the other hand, Kunal recalls how he caught Sonia and Indra at a restaurant and fought with him, accusing him of manipulating Sonia. 

He rebukes Indra for having an affair with his best friend's wife while Indra fights back, stating that Sonia loves him and not Kunal. 

Before Kunal can punch him again, Sonia stops him telling him that she loves Indra now and chooses him over Kunal. 

Back in the present, Kunal punches the mirror when he injures himself on his foot and hand while Vandana comes there and gets worried. 

She rushes to help him while he tries to tell her to go back. 

Vandana continues requesting him to let her help him and wound up his injuries while he cries that he cannot bear the pain. 

Just then, Tara comes there and calls out of Vandana while Kunal hears her voice and opens his eyes. 

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