Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 24th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 24th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 24th November 2023 episode starts with Vandana putting smoke all over Vijay to protect him from the evil eye.

Anagha and Mrunal ask Vandana why is she protecting Vijay from the evil eye so much which makes Vandana a little suspicious.

Vandu then feels as if someone is spying on her but it turns out to be Tara when Vandana immediately hides behind the wall.

She says to herself no matter how much she wants it, she cannot appear in front of Tara.

Tara goes back into the house where Kunal asks why she returned so quickly from playing but Tara does not reply and just throws her ball and runs away.

Simmi asks Kunal if he can take her help in finance as she completed finance at Harvard University.

Pammi says that Simmi is going to stay with the two for some time, making Kunal give an annoyed look to Vani but she stares back at him suggesting she is okay with it.

Further, Pammi asks Kunal if Simmi is beautiful and hot but Kunal remains silent.

Simmi asks Kunal to take her out to a party as she wants to see Mumbai’s nightlife but Kunal politely declines.

Elsewhere, Vandu gives some sweets to Kunal’s watchman and asks him to give them to Tara on her behalf.

Kunal sees her from his balcony and goes to Tara after some time who is eating the sweets sent by Vandana.

He thinks to himself that no matter how much he is trying, he cannot separate the two.

After some time, Tara writes a letter to God and closes her eyes to pray when Kunal picks up the letter and reads that Tara has written that she wants to meet Vandana as she is missing her a lot.

Tara gets very scared when she sees the letter in Kunal’s hand.

He tears the paper into small pieces, telling Tara that he does not want to upset her but she should stop doing these things.

Tara picks up the pieces of paper and rearranges them in front of the God idol while Vani watches her with tears.

Meanwhile, Vandana hears a voice and starts following it outside the house, she finds a cricket ball and is shocked to see Tara and Vani looking at her with hope.

Vandu rushes to give Tara a hug while Vani keeps a watch on Kunal.

Vani says that Vandana is Tara’s foster mother while Tara and Vandana tell each other how much they have missed one another.

Elsewhere, Kunal gets up to check up on Tara as he knows she is upset, he goes to his room and is shocked to see that she is not there.

He then goes to Vani's room, thinking that she might be with Tara but to his surprise, Vani is not in her room either.

Meanwhile, Vandana again senses that someone is spying on Tara, Vani, and her but she ignores it.

Vandana and Tara together ask Vani to convince her stubborn son to let the two meet with each other.

Vani says that she will keep on trying to convince him until he is convinced but Kunal enters at the same time and says that he will not be convinced.

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