Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th October 2023 episode starts with Vandana hugging Tara while Kunal watches them from the balcony. 

Tara asks Vandana if she will return again and Vandana nods, saying that she will definitely come. 

Meanwhile, Hemant and Anagha argue with Vijay for the property papers while Atya tells him to not be disrespectful. 

Hemant reasons that Vijay is not listening to his son and tells Vijay that he would have sold it long back if the papers were not in Vijay's name. 

Vijay is shocked to see Hemant's aggression and cries, stating that he didn't know his son was that selfish. 

Hemant tells him that he doesn't care and states that Vijay will sign the property documents tomorrow as everyone looks on. 

Vandana exits the Malhotra house and looks at the Karmarkar house, thinking that she should meet her father. 

However, Sarita calls Vandana just then who demands her to return home immediately.

Meanwhile, at the Karmarkar house, Vijay acts crazy as he states that he will sign any papers but Vandana should not know about it as she has most worries. 

On the other hand, Vandana returns home and everyone looks at her angrily but does not scold her or rebuke her. 

She goes to her room and wonders why no one is scolding her as she decides to speak to them herself the next morning. 

The next day, Shivam convinces Tara to play cricket as he states that Kunal won't be angry at her for too long. 

As they play, the ball goes into Pammi's room and hits her back as she laughs, thinking that it's Guneet teasing her. 

However, Guneet comes there just then and tells her that he is not the one who hit the ball. 

Pammi realizes that it must be Shivam and goes to the balcony to scold him as she tells them that she's coming to teach them a lesson. 

Shivam tells Tara to hide and runs to his home while she runs inside the Malhotra mansion. 

She bumps into Kunal and falls as he suddenly asks her if she's okay but looks away realizing that it's her. 

Vedika and Pammi also come there as Tara starts shouting saying that she's in pain.

Meanwhile, Vedika rushes to her and tells her to go to her room while Tara wonders why Kunal doesn't like her when everyone likes her. 

Once Tara is out of earshot, Kunal states that Tara should not be here and demands she be out of the house while Vedika tries to explain to him that they cannot abandon a child. 

She tells him that they very well know the sufferings of a child whose parents are arguing and states that Vandana will help her take care of Tara. 

Kunal reasons that he has hired Vandana to do office work, not babysitting. 

He leaves while Vedika asks him what will he do when it is confirmed that she is his daughter. 

Kunal looks angrily as he states that Tara is not his daughter and walks away. 

Meanwhile, at the Joshi house, Vaibhav wakes up as he looks at Vandana sleeping on the sofa. 

He recalls his conversation with Mrunal about selling the Karmarkar mansion and states that once he takes over Vandana's share, he will kick her out of his life and get together with Mrunal. 

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