Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th September 2023 episode starts with Kunal looking at Vandana and wondering if she wears her glasses daily or not.

As he tries to get closer to her, she jumps on him with a pencil but calms herself before the pencil can sit him. 

He asks what he would have done with a pencil if it was an intruder to which she replies that she would have punched him straight in the face breaking his nose. 

Kunal lets go of the topic as he tells Vandana to complete the to-do list and send him reports of everything. 

She nods and asks him if she can get a few hours free the next day as it is Ganpati Sthapna which she has been doing since she was a child. 

Kunal thinks about his childhood and enters the recording studio without giving her an answer.

She starts working on her reports while on the other hand, Mrunal continues talking to Kunal very sweetly, telling him that she misses him and wants to be with him forever. 

Later, Kunal comes out of the studio and wakes up a dozed-off Vandana who jumps into his arms hearing the sudden noise. 

However, she calms herself and removes herself from him while apologizing to him and telling him that she'll leave only after the report is done. 

Kunal yawns as he tells her that he does not care about her routine as he wants the reports sent to him by 9 AM. 

Vandana returns home and calls Vaibhav wanting to talk to him but his phone comes busy, making her think that he's talking to one of his clients. 

She thinks to check up on Atya and starts climbing up the stairs. 

As Mrunal disconnects the call, she suddenly gets slapped by Atya who is looking at her with fury while Vandana enters the room asking what happened. 

Atya starts rebuking Mrunal whose rage builds up with Atya's taunts and scoldings while Vandana tells them to calm down and go to sleep. 

After Vandana leaves, Mrunal tells Atya that Vaibhav does not want to marry Vandana as he likes her and not Vandana. 

She talks about how she is not stealing Vaibhav as he is hers while Atya slaps her once again. 

Atya orders Mrunal not to talk to Vaibhav anymore but she leaves saying that she will not make any fake promises. 

Fearing for Vandana, Atya cries and prays to God that Vandana gets the love that she deserves. 

At night, Vandana tries to go to sleep but keeps having nightmares of Kunal shouting at/for her. 

On the other hand, Kunal thinks about how cute she looks in the glasses and tells himself in half-consciousness that Vaibhav doesn't deserve her. 

He wakes up and wonders why he is getting worried when it is Vandana's fiancee and her sister who are betraying her. 

The next morning, Bobby and Kunal are impressed with Vandana's homework on what Kunal likes and what he doesn't based on her preparation. 

Elsewhere, Mrunal tells Vaibhav that Atya knows everything, making him anxious while she tells him that he should tell the truth to Vandana. 

Vaibhav nods absentmindedly while Mrunal gets aggressive and gets into his face telling him that he should tell Vandana before six today or else she is going to reveal the truth herself. 

Hearing this, Vaibhav gets even more anxious and calms Mrunal who tells him that after what they have done the previous night, they cannot go back. 

Further, they go to one of Mrunal's friends' empty apartments to enjoy themselves. 

Vandana leaves Kunal's office telling him that she'll be in her place while Atya on the other hand, injures her finger being distracted by what she learnt the previous night about Mrunal and Vaibhav. 

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