Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 26th December 2023 episode starts with Pammy celebrating the entry of Rano, her friend who enters Pammy's room cheerfully.

She expresses gratitude to Pammy for the assistance extended during her challenging times, adding that she is ready to do anything for Pammy.

Pammy tells Rano about Vandana entering the Malhotra house as she is greedy enough and asks Rano to create some nuisance in Vandana's life that leads her to leave the Malhotra mansion and Kunal's life forever.

Rano happily agrees to the task, saying it's a piece of cake for her.

The next day, Vandana, surprised by the high grocery bill, instructs the kitchen servant to purchase items from a nearby local store.

Just then, Pammy enters along with Rano, taunting Vandana for her middle-class traits and saying how the Malhotras only eat expensive items.

Rano takes the lead and shames Vandana for being the new bride still not looking like one as she's wearing no jewellery piece and is not even styled that way.

This instigates Pammy who adds more point to the topic and scolds Vandana for not listening to her and always behaving like a poor fellow.

Elsewhere, Vandana takes a glass of milk for Soniya who is sitting disheartened in the living room.

She inquires from Vandana about the reason for her kind behaviour despite having been mistreated and causing trouble for Vandana numerous times in the past.

Vandana replies that a person should always treat others, the way they want to be treated and reveals how she's not jealous or insecure of Soniya being under the same roof.

After comforting Soniya, Vandana informs her that she'll be at the Karmarkar house for a while.

She reassures Soniya that she can freely reach out if she needs anything.

Vandana opens the door to leave but is surprised to find Indranil standing there with a smirk.

He comments on Kunal's luck, having both his past and present wives under the same roof.

Soniya, shocked, accidentally drops a glass of milk as she looks on in disbelief.

However, Vandana intervenes, pushing Indranil back, and scolds him for being intoxicated, stating he's not in a sober state to have a sensible conversation.

Indranil continues to move forward saying that today he will end Soniya's drama for once and for all as he's going to kill her.

Vandana comes in his way to stop him who pushes Vandna so hard that she hits her head on the table causing bleeding.

Soniya cries in fear asking Vandana to wake up and help her while Vandana who struggles to get up, spots a knife on the table and further, holds Indiranil's collar, asking him to leave Soniya's or else she'll slice his neck.

She tells Soniya to call the police but Soniya stands still and Indranil snatches the knife from Vandana making her hostage.

However, Vandana beats him and takes the phone while Soniya begs Vandana not to call Kunal.

Elsewhere, Hemant gifts a new car key to Vijay who scolds him for spending money despite Vandna earning so hard.

Mrunal reveals how Kunal has brought Soniya under the same roof as Vandana leading Vijay to yell at the happening,

Pammy asks Vandana about the injury to which Vandana lies to her.

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