Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th August 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th August 2023 episode starts with Pammy and Guneet looking over at Kunal from outside with a jar of water placed on a tray gaining Kunal's notice.

Kunal takes in the tray and thanks Pammy after which with a good night he shuts the door on the couple's face.

Outside, Pammy tells Kunal that Kunal is exactly like his father adding that he's not like Vaani at all.

Guneet surprised at Pammy says that she never had a liking for Vaani to which Pammy says that only Vaani could control Godi.

Pammy further compliments Vaani's spirit and says that maybe her actions were wrong but she handled Godi the way no one could.

Inside, Kunal looks at a lit-up picture of a mother kissing her child and instantly switches it off.

He sits on the bed and complains of a headache, wishing for some coffee but doesn't want to ask Pammy for it.

At Karmarkars, Vandana makes coffee for Anagha and Mrunal when Anagha hugs her from behind stating that she doesn't like being rude to Hemant.

Anagha adds that Hemant keeps taking money from Vandana telling her what will happen after Vandana's married off.

Vandana says that Anagha will solve things just like she did when she first came into the house.

On the other hand, the phone clicks with Vaibhav's message and Anagha playfully takes it away from Vandana.

Vandana insists she give the phone but Anagha instead plays Vaibhav's lovey-dovey voice message. 

Vandana blushes, following which Anagha gives the phone to her and walks away.

Seeing Mrunal, Vandana asks her to wash the utensils after which Mrunal bangs the utensils but washes them.

Vandana asks her to be careful and Mrunal adds that Anagha always overreacts to which Vandana chides stating that if Anagha hadn't been there Mrunal would be unattended.

She then tells Mrunal to talk with elders properly and lovingly wishes her a good night.

Vandana then walks off the kitchen and sends a voice note telling her that the excitement of his family coming over will not allow her to sleep at night.

At Guneet's, Kunal is unable to sleep and plans to work on his file, triggering Pammy. 

Pammy accuses Kunal of being Godi's spy while Kunal asks her what game is going on since the statement reports and accounts are different.

Back at Vandana's, Vandana asks Tai if she's still on her phone playing a game and Tai keeps the phone away.

Vandana smiles keeps her head on Tai's lap and asks if she's worried about her marriage with Vaibhav.

Tai asks Vandana if she is sure since Vaibhav's family doesn't like her and Vandana states that Vaibhav's love is enough.

Pammy triggers Kunal

Tai then tells wherever there's honesty, the relationship is good while at Guneet's, Pammy creates commotion over Kunal checking the accounts.

She tells Kunal that Godi is a selfish man and makes relationships based on what he can gain from others frustrating Kunal.

Pammy further says that Godi did the same with Vaani requesting Kunal to not be like Godi and insists him to listen to his heart at times.

At Vandana's, Tai goes off to sleep while Vandana prays for the family's happiness.

Elsewhere, at Guneet's, Kunal triggered by Pammy gets out of Bobby's household but is stopped by Guneet. 

Guneet insists Kunal to not make an issue of Pammy's words but Kunal walks away.

Bobby goes forward to stop him but is stopped by Guneet following which Guneet comes to Pammy.

Guneet consoles Pammy while Bobby admits that Kunal is right about checking accounts admitting his inexperience. 

Bobby further adds that Kunal isn't bad and Pammy agrees to it cryingly after which Bobby tells Pammy to calm down.

Vandana catches a thief!

Later, Vandana hums a song but sees someone in the penthouse and gets alert.

She gathers a broomstick thinking that it's a thief in the penthouse and stealthily gets in there.

Finally, she gets a glimpse of the thief and beats him hard but stops mid-way when she realises it's Kunal.

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