Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th November 2023 episode starts with Tara trying to wake Kunal up but all her efforts go in vain.

Meanwhile, Vandu wonders why the music is so loud and decides to call Kunal to ask what is wrong with him.

Tara sees Vandana's name, picks up the call and starts coughing on the phone which makes Vandana rush towards her house and straight to Kunal's room.

Vandu sees peanut butter stains on Tara and gets shocked as she knows about her allergies.

She picks Tara up and takes a taxi to the hospital while throughout the way, she keeps trying to talk to Tara.

Back at home, Vani throws a bucket of water on Kunal and starts beating him while crying, telling him that Tara is hospitalized as she just got a call from Vandana.

Meanwhile, Vandana is crying and calls Vijay, telling him that Tata is not okay to which he replies that Atya is praying for Tara and nothing will happen to her.

Vandana tells him that she cannot see her daughter like this but Vijay says that everything will work out and she just needs to be with Tara.

Kunal and Vani rush in and see Vandana standing outside Tara's ward.

He disbalances in shock while Vandana holds him, he recalls a little when Tara was trying to wake him up.

The doctor comes and says that Tara is okay for now but the next allergic reaction will cost Tara her life as she has a medical condition.

Vandana and Kunal ask the doctor what the medical condition is to which the doctor replies that Tara has a hole in her heart and needs to be happy all the time as she cannot suffer from any trauma.

The doctor then asks Kunal to tell him when Tara got checked the last time as he needs her reports since the matter is very critical.

Vandana calls Soniya but she does not pick up when Vani sternly asks Kunal to stand straight and tells him that it is his fault.

She says that even though he is related by blood to Tara, he could not be Tara's father but on the other hand, Vandana who has no relation with Tara, poured her heart and love on Tara.

Kunal starts crying like a child and goes to Vandana while holding his hand apologetically and thanking Vandana for everything.

Vandu says that the future will work in their favour and he needs to collect himself while Soniya calls Vandana back.

Vandana tells Soniya everything and asks her to bring the reports when Indranil tells Vandana that they will meet Tara once they are back as right now they have a flight to attend.

Kunal takes the phone and asks Soniya why didn't she tell him that she has a hole in her heart to which Soniya says that Indrinil used to take Tara for her regular checkups.

Vandana asks Soniya to send her the reports if she cannot come, Soniya says that she will have to look for it.

Kunal starts yelling at Soniya but Vandana hangs up the call, saying that now is not the time to fight.

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