Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 27 September 2023 episode starts with Kunal coming out to see Vandana putting out the fire. 

Further, she apologizes to him for entering the studio even after he tells her not to and explains that there is going to be a giant fire. 

She tells him that the studio is like a temple to her and that even if he thinks she is wrong, she just does what is right. 

Kunal stays silent while Vandana shouts back to her family that she is okay and starts explaining to him that she has put everything important away. 

Before she can leave, he tells her that he wants her in his office by two the next day as he cannot give her an off. 

He tells her to manage with halfa day off when she gets thankful of him, telling him that she'll do the Ganesh Sthapna and come to office on time. 

Kunal helps Vandana

In the evening, Vandana makes the idol out of clay while Anagha comments how they should be glad that they have a home as Vandana had almost made them homeless. 

She prays for her brother to return while seeing Mrunal and praying for her to get some common sense. 

Atya comes there and thinks to tell Vandana about Mrunal and Vaibhav and sits to talk to her. 

However, Vedika and her daughter come there just then and get awed by Vandana making the idol. 

Shivam complains about how all the decorations are old while Vandana explains to him that Ganesh Bappa comes to their home, seeing their devotion and not their money. 

Vedika states that she wants to get the Pandal and the decorations set up as she is celebrating in their home country after so long. 

Vandana agrees but Anagha refuses, talking about how they would help first and then talk ill to them on their face about it. 

She even tells Vandana that they should mingle with people their status. 

Pammi comes there shouting just then demanding to remove the Pandal and the decorations. 

She rebukes the Karmarkar's, telling them to put the decorations on their side while Vandana explains to her thatt according to Vastu, the pandal should be put up there only. 

The Karmarkar's welcome Ganesha

Kunal comes there just then and tells Pammi that Lord Ganesha is everyone's and that the Pandal will stay there only. 

Parisa gushes about Vandana, teaching her how to make the Idol while Vedika tells her to talk with respect as Vandana is older than her. 

Just then, the Pandal is about to fall but Kunal rushes and stops it from falling as he goes and helps set up again when Vandana smiles at him. 

The next way, Kunal sees Vandana dancing with josh with Vedika and Parisa even after all he has done to her and finds her facinating. 

He is about to walk away but is stopped by Vandana as she tells him to leave after the pooja as his day will go better. 

Vandana goes and gets the idol for the Sthapna and is about to fall when Kunal comes and helps her. 

They both put the Idol on the podium while Vaibhav comes there and gets jealous, seeing them together. 

Vandana notices Vaibhav and goes to him while Pammi comes with the prasad, telling everyone not to make a commotion in front of her house. 

She puts down the prasad and tells her guests to come while the child Ganesh rushes up the stage,  asking for the Prasad. 

Kunal dances in the celebration

Pammi scolds him and calls his name while Vandana tells her to give the Prasad to the child as children are considered gods. 

Pammi unwillingly gives the prasad to the kid and goes back to her guests while Vedika and Parisa manage to convince Kunal to stay back. 

Further, Kunal dances with joy while Mrunal sees Vaibhav and Vandana dancing and gets angry. 

Pammi makes her grand entry while Atya and others continues dancing with joy. 

Kunal sees Vandana and Vaibhav as he turns back to god and prays that she gets some love and vision to see the truth. 

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