Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th December 2023 episode starts with Kunal asking Vandana if she is in pain but before she can answer, Kunal mimics Vandana and says no I am queen Vandana, I know no pain.

Vandana says that everyone has a habit like Kunal has a habit of getting angry and adds that she has work to do.

Kunal holds her hands, pulls her back and shushes her, he then puts some cream over Vandana's arm. 

Vandana teases Kunal that he does not know how to say sorry which makes him bite his lower lip and smirk.

He then says sorry while smiling, Vandana says that she can't hear him which makes Kunal say sorry a little louder.

Vandana again turns a deaf ear to Kunal while Kunal smiles a little harder so he holds Vandana's arms and says sorry so loudly that Pammi spills the milk from her mouth.

Soniya goes to the room and sees Vandana and Kunal too close which makes her clench her fist.

She plans to take Vandana for her check-up during her follow-up doctor's appointment, leading Kunal to thank her.

Kunal goes to Soniya and says please to which Soniya says that she will take care of herself so he need not worry.

He says that he was going to ask her to take care of Vandana and not Soniya.

Vandana and Kunal then leave the room while Soniya says to herself that Kunal will always belong to her.

A little later, Vandana blushes remembering her cute interaction with Kunal when she hears Rano scolding Tara which makes Tara cry.

Vandana comes and says that Rano will not utter a single word to her daughter again to which Rano says that Vandana is Tara's mother, not Rano's.

However, Vandana says that she has the right to call people off to which Pammi says that Vandana has no right to disrespect her relatives.

Pammi says that Soniya does not call Tara her daughter as much as Vandana to which Soniya comes and vouches for Vandana.

Later, Pammi goes to Soniya with a magnifying glass and says that women have a natural tendency to be jealous so why is Soniya being Vandana's appeaser?

Vijay goes to Vandana's new house angrily and says that he wants to talk to her immediately alone.

He says that Soniya is Kunal's past and Vandana is his present and the past and present can't live together.

He adds that Vandana's self-respect has died after that he turns to Soniya and says that she is the most arrogant and selfish woman alive.

Vijay says that the outcome of this decision will not be right and that is why Vandana has to kick Soniya out.

Vandana says that she is not Kunal's wife but Tara's mother and that is why she cannot do this.

Vijay begs Vandana not to ruin her life and before this house consumes Vandana, she should throw Soniya out of the house.

Pammi goes to Soniya who is crying and says that Vijay insulted her badly.

Vandana asks for Soniya's forgiveness but Pammi asks Soniya not to forgive her and to wait for Kunal to come back.

Soniya thinks that even though she will have to use glycerin, she will not stop crying in front of Kunal.

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