Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th November 2023 episode starts with Kunal telling Vandana that he is scared as Tara's happiness lies with her and one day when Vandu moves on in her life Tara will be left all alone.

Vandana says that she will never be left alone to which he replies that he is emotionally so drained that he is not sure if he can give Tara the love she deserves.

Vandana says that she has full faith in Kunal and also that right now she is not going anywhere and when she is sure that Tara's life is full of love, she will happily leave.

Later, Kunal and Vandana go to Tara's room where Tara requests Vandana never to leave her alone.

Tara calls Kunal leading Vandana to hold him and bring him to Tara.

Meanwhile, Tara holds Kunal and Vandana's hand and brings it closer to her hand so that their hands brush together.

Kunal apologizes to Tara for hurting her to which she replies that her father is a superhero.

Tara then requests Kunal to promise her that he will never let her be away from Vandana to which Kunal agrees. 

The next day, Vandana is braiding Tara's hair when the doctor comes and says that Tara's reports are good and she needs to come to regular checkups. 

Vandana tells Tara that she has an urgent matter to attend to and will return quickly.

Meanwhile, Anagha is outside the house when a masked goon holds a knife to her neck, making her scream.

Vaibhav removes her mask and reveals his face which surprises her after which he starts laughing.

Anagha says that they have already tried twice to kill Vijay but Vandana has always caused a hindrance in their plan.

She continues to say that if Mrunal and Hemant find out about it then it won't be a big problem but if Vandana finds out, they will be in huge trouble.

Vaibhav replies that they are not going to kill Vijay but will make him bedridden so that he is forced to sell the house. 

A few hours later, Vijay heads outside in his wheelchair when Vandana stops him and says that the wheel of his wheelchair is about to come off as the screw is loose.

Vijay is shocked and says that he would have fallen very badly and hurt his head.

Vandana looks at Anagha with anger in her eyes while Anagha looks very scared.

However, Vandana tells Vijay that now the water has gone over her head and she will have to do something about it.

Meanwhile, Kunal takes Tara home where Vani is there to welcome her when Vandana comes there too,  making Pammi think that she will have to break the bond between these three.

Bobby picks Tara up, takes her to her cake and gives her a tiara while Tara asks Kunal to cut the cake along with her so that it tastes sweeter.

Kunal then remembers last night when Simmi was hitting on him and asks Simmi to get out of the house immediately.

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