Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th October 2023 episode starts with Vandana coming to Kunal's house to drop off Tara after spending the day with her.

Kunal gives a serious glare to Vandana as she enters the house with Tara which makes Vandana feel a bit nervous and she tells him that she came there only to drop Tara.

Vandana says that Bobby had to go somewhere due to some work which is why she came there and will just leave after bidding goodbye to Tara.

Vedika tells Kunal to change his heart as Tara is just a small child and should not face this type of situation.

Kunal asks Guneet about the hostel situation where he has planned to shift Tara but Guneet tells Kunal that he should rethink what he has thought once more.

Vedika says that a child can have a lifetime of trauma due to what she experiences which is why they should be gentler with them when Pammi interrupts her.

Pammi says that they should not just show mercy on the girl because she is a child as she is nothing to them and must leave the house at once.

Kunal shouts and makes everyone silent after which he asks Vandana to pick up Tara in her arms and take his car keys to leave somewhere.

Bobby also comes with Vandana outside but Kunal asks Bobby to stay at home as he wants only Vandana and Tara to come with him where he is going currently.

Vandana tries to talk to Kunal so that he remains calm but Kunal asks her to get in the car at once after which he drives away with a stern face.

Meanwhile, Anagha, Hemant, and Mrunal have a small cold drink party as they sip drinks and celebrate getting the first payment of the house from the builders.

Anagha says that she is feeling a little sad that they are selling the house but Hemant and Mrunal ask her not to talk about sad things while they are celebrating good things.

Mrunal tells herself that she will be with Vaibhav the next Dusshera as they will go to America and settle there permanently.

Vaibhav hears the whole conversation as Mrunal is connected to his call and wears air pods after which he says that this year will be the best Dusshera.

Vijay and his sister stand at a distance and watch as their children celebrate selling the house away which has all their memories of life.

While packing things, Vijay tells his sister that they should go to their village together as nothing is left for them in that house.

Elsewhere, Kunal arrives at Sonia's house with Vandana and Tara when Tara instantly goes to Sonia with a scared face.

Sonia asks Kunal what he has done to which Kunal replies that he has come to get everything done after which he announces that he does not want to keep Tara with him.

Kunal says that he does not consider Tara as his daughter while Sonia says that she will not let Kunal meet Tara ever again if he chooses to abandon her.

Indraneel comes and asks Kunal to fulfill his responsibilities as he is supposed to but Kunal gets angry while Vandana asks the two men to stop being aggressive as Tara is still there.

After Sonia takes Tara inside, Kunal says that he will never want Tara with him after which Vandana also takes her leave, asking Sonia to take care of Tara.

Sonia and Indraneel talk to each other and Sonia says that Tara is her responsibility too which is why she cannot just leave her while Indraneel asks Sonia to send Tara to a hostel.

Vandana prays that everything gets all right soon, as she gets into the car with Kunal after leaving Tara at her home.

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