Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th September 2023 episode starts with Vandana and Kunal going to the podium and offering Prasad and their marriage card. 

Mrunal and Kunal watch them and feel unusual. 

Meanwhile, Vandana prays that her marriage goes smoothly while Mrunal prays that Vaibhav marries her and not Vandana. 

Anagha takes Mrunal and Vandana away while Kunal walks by Vaibhav and warns him to reform. 

Vaibhav tells him to not meddle in his business and walks away while Atya takes him away to talk to him. 

In between the decorations, Atya requests Vaibhav to leave his relationship with Mrunal and not break his five-year-old relationship with Vandana. 

She bends and touches Vaibhav's feet begging him to not break Vandana's heart while Vandana comes there and notices them. 

She rushes to them and helps Atya up while asking what is happening. 

Atya makes an excuse and leaves while Vaibhav starts flirting with Vandana to change the topic. 

Mrunal comes there and watches them from afar as she gets jealous seeing Vaibhav trying to get a kiss from Vandana. 

Vandana escapes from there while Mrunal latches onto Vaibhav and tells him that she will give him the kiss that he was asking for from Vandana. 

The two kiss while Anagha sees them and hides as she gets shocked. 

Vandana on the other hand looks for Vaibhav to get another marriage card for the handmade Idol when she notices Shivam putting a note in front of the Idol and praying. 

Kunal on the other hand drives the car speedily as he shouts that one should break the relationship but not cheat if they don't like them. 

Vandana goes and reads Shivam's note which wishes for Hemant to return and she prays for the same while Anagha looks at Mrunal warily. 

Kunal rashly drives when Hemant comes in front of his car as Kunal tries to turn his car to the side. 

The holy diya diminishes making Vandana worried about Hemant while a man comes there just then and informs that Kunal Malhotra has hit Hemant with his car. 

Kunal comes there just then and seeing the blood on his hands, Vandana gets anxious as she starts asking Kunal if he has killed Hemant. 

She starts crying while Hemant comes out of the car stating that Kunal hasn't killed him but saved him instead. 

Flashback shows Kunal managing to stop his car on time and getting Hemant in the car. 

Hemant talks about how he would have died if Kunal did not bring him home. 

Kunal puts Hemant's hand in Vandana as the siblings hug while Vedika takes Kunal aside to take a look at his injury. 

Pammi mocks the Karmarkar's while Vedima talks about how people become irrational when it comes to their families. 

Hemant goes to Vijay and apologizes while Vijay tells him to not leave anymore. 

Later, Vandana goes to Kunal and thanks him while he tells her that their business is balanced since she saved his studio from burning and he brought back her brother. 

He leaves while Vandana prays everything goes smoothly.

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