Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th December 2023 episode starts with Anagha and Hemant celebrating the fact that they got a new car.

Tara bumps a cycle on their car causing a big scratch which makes Anagha scream at her.

Pammi comes and throws money over the car and then starts yelling at Anagha, asking her to paint the entire car as she has given them money more than they can ever earn.

She sarcastically says that the most respectable house in the neighbourhood is of Anagha where one sister stole another sister's husband while the other sister keeps marrying guys one by one.

Anagha says that she is aware of the fact that Pammi has been living in Kunal's house as if it is hers and Kunal on the other hand, is a drunken idiot which makes Pammi reply that she will pull Anagha's tongue.

Hemant says that they will keep the money however, they will not hear any other disrespect against them.

Rano joins in and the whole scene gets even more chaotic that Vandana has to intervene.

Anagha tells Vandana about the incident which makes Rano ask that Vandana scolded her for raising her voice at Tara and now what is she going to do.

Vandu turns to Anagha and tells her that Tara is just a kid as the car can be painted all over again however, the scars she is giving her daughter can't be mended.

Anagha says that if Shivam had done the same thing then she would have scolded him too.

Pammi sees Kunal and starts her melodrama by playing the victim card on her and Tara by saying that if she hadn't come on time then Anagha would have slapped her.

Kunal avoids the situation and goes to Soniya who is packing her stuff as a part of her plan with Pammi.

He tells her that she need not go anywhere as he will manage the situation, Soniya sees Vandana and hugs Kunal while thanking him.

Vandana comes and gives Soniya her medicines while Soniya tells Kunal not to scold Vandu for Vijay's behaviour.

Elsewhere, Hemant tells Anagha that she should have just taken the money and not created a scene.

Anagha says that he is right and she will go and ask for forgiveness as it will act in their favor only.

Back at home, Vandana advises Tara to be more careful next time and then takes her to the garden.

Soniya thinks Tara should stay home after the incident with Anagha while Tara wants to go to the harbour, so Kunal offers to take them both.

Pammi goes to Soniya and asks her to act quickly otherwise, Vandana will wrap Kunal around her fingers while she starts third wheeling.

Meanwhile, Kunal goes after dropping Tara and Vandana to the park which makes Vandana feel as if Kunal wanted to say something.

Tara then starts swinging while Vandana gets a call from Soniya who asks about Tara's wellbeing.

Soniya did this so that Kunal could overhear her and see how much she cared for Tara.

Just then, Vandana looks back at Tara who has fallen from the swing and screams her name on the phone.

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