Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th November 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th November 2023 episode starts with Simmi pretending to be concerned for Tara and giving chocolate.

However, Kunal throws it away and lashes out at her for jeopardizing Tara's health by giving her peanut butter.

Simmi accuses Kunal of his intoxicated state and further questions his role as a parent, as he failed to provide food to a hungry Tara.

Hearing this, Bobby and Vandana rebuke Simmi for not accepting her own mistakes, unlike Kunal who has accepted his fault.

Nevertheless, Simmi continues to defend herself leading her to leak all of Pammi's secrets, further stating that it was Pammi who asked her to try gaining Kunal.

This leads Pammi to decline Simmi's accusation while Kunal understands the reason behind Simi's seductive attitude and asks her to get out of the house immediately.

Later, Kunal confronts Pammi for trying to set Simmi up with him and clearly states that he doesn't want to destroy himself as Sonia has done enough damage.

He adds that he doesn't want anyone else to take care of Tara as Vandana is present, making Vandana request the Malhotra's to concentrate on Tara's health and celebrate her arrival.

In a while, the dancing stops when Sonia arrives and threatens Kunal that she will claim Tara's custody the next day, adding that after the custody she'll not let Tara meet Kunal.

As a result, Kunal and Sonia blame each other for their negligency towards Tara, when Vandana cracks a party cracker, making the divorced duo stop fighting.

Vandana scolds them for not concentrating on Tara's health, further focussing how important peace is in Tara's life.

She terms Kunal and Sonia to be undeserving of Tara's parenthood as they don't care about Tara's betterment, but create fights.

Sonia asks Vandana why is she showcasing her right on Tara and says that Vandana doesn't have the right to say anything between them.

However, Vandana states that she has a deep connection with Tara, and no one can disregard that.

Vandana adds that even after questioning her character on the day of Diwali, she was silent as that is a part of her value.

However, Vandana mentions that she will not stay silent at present as Tara is the one being affected and if possible, give Sonia a fitting answer too.

A triggered Sonia tells Vandana and Kunal that she will give a fitting answer to them and walks away angrily from the Malhotra Mansion. 

Vandana gets upset seeing the attitude of Kunal and Sonia when she notices Tara stashed in a corner sobbing continuously. 

Hurriedly, Vandana attends to Tara who tells Vandana that she has heard Kunal and Sonia's conversation, adding that nobody loves her except her.

This makes Vandana tell Tara that it's not so but Tara cryingly runs away and Vandana prays to keep Tara happy.

During the prayer, Vandana addresses Tara as her child which is overheard by Pammi.

Afterwards, Pammi calls Sonia and insists her to take Tara with her, lest Vandana will take her place in the Malhotra house.

The next morning, Vandana eagerly joins Kunal and the family to go for the final hearing of Tara's custody.

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