Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th September 2023 episode starts with Kunal and Bobby watching Vandana bargain and get a lower price from the worker. 

Bobby praises her hard-working capabilities while she sees them and walks to them. 

Kunal pities Vandana

Kunal compliments her and tells her that he and Bobby are going while she says that she will handle everything. 

He tells her that he got to know of her Mehendi function which is the next day while she tells him that she'll handle the office work still. 

Kunal tries to tell her that she's going too fast with the marriage but Vandana tells him that she has waited for five years and doesn't want to wait anymore. 

On the other hand, Mrunal overhears Anagha telling Hemant that she has talked to her brothers and that they should sell the house. 

She tries to sugarcoat her words and talk about how they will get Atya and Vijay a small house and pay Kunal twenty-five lakhs after which they will use the rest of the money for Shivam's future. 

Talking about Vandana, Anagha states she's going to get married and leave while Mrunal is not their responsibility. 

Mrunal confronts Anagha

Hemant asks what she's talking about while Mrunal claps loudly and makes her presence known. 

She mockingly tells Anagha that others might be fools but she is not and her part will be made too if the mansion is sold. 

Hemant tries to talk to her while Anagha tells him to go and drop off Shivam at tuition as she has to talk to Mrunal. 

Once he's gone, Anagha tells Mrunal that she will get her part but she has to stay silent or else her mouth will open about her affair with Vaibhav. 

Mrunal gets angry and walks away while Anagha thinks that she needs to get Vandana married and out of the house so that she can smoothly get on with her plan. 

On the other hand, Mrunal talks to Vaibhav and gets angry at him saying that he should tell the family soon as Atya and Anagha already know. 

She tries to explain to him how the family won't forgive her if she reveals their affair and that they won't even get their part from the mansion. 

Vaibhav nods as he tells her that he'll call off the wedding with Vandana. 

Pammi humiliates Vandana

Back at the office, songs play in Vandana's head as she continues cleaning the place with thoughts of marriage in her mind. 

Kunal and Bobby watch her and feel bad for her as Kunal thinks to tell her about Vaibhav. 

Bobby reminds him how Vandana didn't believe him earlier as Kunal states that it is because she's blindly in love with that cheater Vaibhav. 

Meanwhile, Vijay stops Hemant and Anagha from going while he tells him that he doesn't want any drama till Vandana's marriage. 

Anagha stands up for her husband, stating that he is not at fault for their situation but Vandana is. 

Hemant also speaks up about how Vijay only thinks highly of Vandana and throws him and Mrunal into the ditch as he walks away. 

Anagha goes after him while Vijay angrily talks about how nobody cares for Vandana. 

Atya tells him that they are there and he nods telling her how Vandana's good time will start with her marriage functions. 

At the office, Vandana tries to call Vaibhav but stops as she sees Pammi entering. 

Pammi sits at the chair and starts ordering Vandana coffee and cookies while she tells her to tidy up the table. 

She tells Vandana about how good it is that she's finally getting married and sarcastically tells her that with her face and averageness, it is a blessing that she's getting married at the age of 35.

Vandana states that her marriage will happen nicely while Pammi calls her servant who brings her old sarees. 

Pammi mocks Vandana saying that she'll be able to wear her old saree to her wedding which will be expensive for once. 

Vandana refuses while Pammi lays down comfortably and tells Vandana to apply nail paint on her feet. 

Feeling humiliated, Vandana continues painting Pammi's feet nails while calling her Nikkami (useless) and rebuking her family. 

Kunal comes there just then and shouts that this is not Vandana's work scaring Pammi. 

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