Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd December 2023 episode starts with Kunal looking at Tara sleeping and thinking that he must keep her with him forever.

The next day, Vandana goes to the temple and tells God that looking at Tara brings out her maternal instincts.

She then says that she doubts that she will be a good mother to Tara as if she fails then, society will consume her however, if she says no to Kunal then she will not be able to live with herself.

A while later, Anupama enters the temple too and holds Vandana's Pooja thali as she is about to fall.

Vadana is overwhelmed and asks Anupama what she should do as if she gets married to Kunal then it would be a loveless marriage and the society will feed on her and Kunal's soul.

Anupama says that people will say regardless to which Vandana replies that Vijay is also against the marriage.

However, Anupama replies that the noises in her head are not to be paid any heed but instead, Vandana should sync her decision with her heartbeats.

Vandana closes her eyes, holds her hands near her heart and says Tara's name.

Anupama says that Vandana has her answer now after which Vandu says that she never got any motherly love as her mother only loved Hemant.

Anupama hugs Vandana while she continues to say that she wants to give Tara the love she never got.

Anupama says that the love of a mother is divine and she knows Vandana can do it and can dedicate her whole life to making Tara a beautifully bold woman.

She then says that before coming to any conclusion, Vandana will have to think a lot and not decide anything under pressure as it is her life and she has the final say.

Vandana and Anupama perform the Arti in front of the Mata Rani's idol.

Later, Vandana goes to Kunal to give him her answer to which Kunal says that he knows he is being selfish but he needs to know the truth and she can say whatever her decision is.

Vandana says that for Tara's sake, she has decided that she will marry Kunal as she wants to become Tara's mother from Tara' Mimi.

Kunal gives a smile that widens with each passing word uttered by Vandana.

He says that what Vandana doing for Tara is a very big thing and has relieved him of a very big burden.

Vandana asks Kunal to promise her that together they will keep Tara in their life forever to which Kunal says that they will not let Tara go anywhere because as long as they are together, no one can take Tara from them.

Tara overhears this conversation and thanks God for answering her prayers.

The next day, Vandana comes out of her house as she is dapping her wet hair with a towel, Kunal is out too and just stares at Vandana for a while after that he goes to her.

Kunal tells her that he is going out for some urgent work and he wants her to take care of Tara to which she says that he should not worry about Tara as she is here with her.

Vandana thinks about how difficult it will be for Vijay when she tells her decision to everyone.

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