Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd February 2024 episode starts with Kunal furious at Samaira’s  Mother for her thinking.

Kunal is dumbfounded to know how can people think like this in this generation.

Vandana tells her that doing all this will do no good for them then they need to find a proper solution.

Kunal claims that he can organize 100 parties like this and he won’t even invite some Ira to do it.

She tells him that it is not about how grand of a party he can organize, but it is about Tara who wanted to be there on her best friend's birthday.

Kunal rants about how he will take revenge and organize a grand party for her daughter which everyone will remember.

Tara behind them, listens to their conversation and starts crying as she wants to go to her best friend's birthday party.

Kunal gives her a reality check and tells her that she was not invited to the party, but they can party among themself together.

She cries her eyes out and runs away to her bedroom, leaving Vandana and Kunal behind.

Vandana tells him that, even if he gives her a doll worth thousands, Tara will only play with a two-rupee bottle cap if she wants to.

She claims that they need to reach the problem's core and find a solution whereas arranging a party is not the solution.

Vandana tells him that they need to take Tara to her best friend's party and let everyone know that Tara is normal just like everyone else.

On the other hand, Mrunal is on a call with someone and tells him that she will leave the Malhotra house tomorrow and wishes to have an abortion immediately.

Bobby who is listening to this conversation, thinks of interrupting her, but recalls her promise with Vandana and hesitates.

However, he goes up to her and informs her that what she is doing is wrong but Mrunal is done with all the drama and creating more problems for Bobby.

She claims that Bobby was there for her when she needed support the most, and she confesses that after all, he will leave her in the end just like everyone else.

She confesses that she is in love with Bobby and is scared to leave him behind.

She is scared of hurting Bobby even more because she loves him and cannot see him in difficulties because of her.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Tara is crying in her bedroom while Vandana is trying to comfort her.

She claims that she wanted to go to the party desperately, but now she cannot go, and everyone will make fun of her at school.

She asks Vandana to leave her alone, as from now on everyone at the school, will mock her for not being invited to Samira‘s birthday party.

She goes away, thinking that they will talk again once she calms down and Vandana notices Bobby coming out of Mrunal's room.

She gets furious at him and tells him that he broke her trust, and now she will have to tell Kunal and Pammi the truth.

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