Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd January 2024 episode starts with Soniya asking Vandana to leave Tara alone as she has no right to be with her and accuses Vandana of failing to take care of Tara properly. 

Downstairs, Pammy discusses how Vandana's irresponsible behaviour could be dangerous for Tara's life.

Vandana tries to justify her action, but Soniya insists she leave the room of Tara and unwillingly, Vandana goes away. 

Soniya dreams of a happy family with Tara and Kunal and wants to return to the life of Kunal while she apologises to Tara for scolding Vandana.

Vandana decides to give the things for evil eye removal and goes upstairs while Pammy scolds Soniya for her carelessness. 

Though Soniya accepts her mistakes, she can't bear the presence of Vandana when Pammy assumes that she wants to return to the life of Kunal. 

Soniya accepts that she can't bear Vandana, doesn't want to return to the life of Kunal and wants to correct her own mistakes. 

She promises she will oust Vandana from the life of Kunal and Vandana overhears their conversation.

Coming to know the real motive of Soniya, Vandana criticizes the mean mind of Soniya who clearly says that she will not allow Vandana to live with Tara and Kunal.

Vandana states that there is no relationship between Kunal and Vandana but Soniya knows very well that sooner or later Kunal will fall for Vandana and doesn't want to take any risk. 

Soniya emphatically mentions that she wants Kunal and Tara in her life back by hook or crook while Vandana mentions the selfish motive when a call comes in making Vandana run out.

Soon, they both challenge each other that they will win the heart of Tara.

Pammy suggests that Soniya pretend to be sick for Kunal to sympathize with her while Soniya wants to prove herself as a better wife and the best mother so that Kunal will start to love her again and eradicate Vandana.

There, Vandana consoles a broken Mrunal when she comes to know that she is pregnant, making the family worried.

Later, Kunal comes to check on Tara when he notices that Vandana is not in the house and asks about the same.

Soniya talks about Vandana going to the Mansion and washes his brain against her.

Meanwhile, Vandana promises to talk to Vaibhav about the marriage in one day and the family sorrowfully agrees.

Returning to the house, Vandana is rebuked by Kunal for her negligency towards Tara and scolds her for going to Mrunal.

Kunal asks Vandana how she missed the fact that Tara gets scared about clowns, making Vandana ask Kunal if he thinks she's irresponsible after caring for her so much.

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