Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd October 2023 episode starts with Vandana telling Mrunal to go inside. 

She refuses while Vandana turns to Vaibhav and asks him what happened. 

He angrily asks her why she is asking him while Mrunal tells her how Kunal fought with them for her. 

Vandana asks her what she means when Mrunal states that Kunal likes her. 

The sisters start arguing while Vaibhav leaves, telling them that he'll be there tomorrow. 

Atya watches them and prays for the Mehendi function to go smoothly as Vandana smiles thinking about her marriage. 

Later, Kunal continues watching the wedding invitation card as he recalls Vaibhav with other girls. 

Bobby comes there and tells him to hope everything is fine while Kunal reveals how he feels guilty. 

He talks about how he wishes to just go to the Karmarkar house and shout to Vandana that the man she is having dreams for is a nightmare. 

Kunal angrily talks about how the burning of a relationship burns the person their whole life while Bobby states that Kunal is scared for Vandana. 

Bobby points out how Kunal has gone through the same pain which connects him to Vandana. 

Kunal tells him to hit the gym with him to vent out the frustrations about Vandana and Vaibhav. 

Meanwhile, Vandana is excitedly talking about the preparations she has decided for Mehendi while Atya scolds her for not calling a Mehendi artist. 

Vandana tells her that was too expensive and all that matters is that the Mehendi's colours are dark, indicating Vaibhav's love for her. 

Anagha refuses to cook food as she has to go to the office while Vandana tells her that they will make the preparations tonight only so that the food can be cooked easily the next day. 

Vijay feels proud of his daughter and praises her while feeling guilty about not being able to give her a grand wedding. 

He talks about how Vandana is more than a son to him and recites the poem he wrote for her when she was born, making Hemant furious. 

The father-daughter duo hug when Bobby comes there with an envelope and gives it to Vandana, stating that it is by Kunal. 

Vandana starts crying thinking that it's a termination letter while Bobby calms her and tells her that Kunal is giving her 4-days of paid leave for her wedding along with an advance salary of 4 months. 

The next day, Vandana, Hemant, Vijay, and Shivam come to Malhotra's house to invite them to the Mehendi and wedding. 

Pammi mockingly says that celebrities will definitely make an appearance at the poor people's functions. 

As they are about to leave, Vedika and Kunal return home and are happy to see Vandana. 

Vedika hugs Vandana and says that she will definitely attend all the functions after which Vandana thanks Kunal for many things and leaves inviting him to her wedding. 

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