Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd September 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 2nd September 2023 episode starts with Kunal scolding Pammy and Guneet for their incompetence in choosing careless fellows in his company.

Pammy covers up stating that the employees are newcomers and Kunal states that newcomers aren't the problem, their attitude is.

He then says that the present team is fired and asks Bobby to list out candidates regardless of whether they're experienced or not.

At Vijay's, Vandana confronts Hemant about taking 50 lakhs when Hemant states that he didn't have any other option. 

He admits to having spent the money in the market for his business but due to the market prices, he lost all money.

Anagha gets disturbed and Vandana asks Hemant about the security he gave while taking Rs 50 lakhs.

Vandana asks if Hemant has given the bungalow papers to the goons and Hemant signals yes.

Anagha gets shocked while Vandana asks Hemant how could he do so to Vijay.

At Kanak's, Pammy tells Kunal not to fire all the employees at one go stating that he's stressed meaninglessly.

Kunal mentions that he's given enough reasons for his stress when Pammy and her family agree to help Kunal in upgrading his company. 

He then asks Pammy, Bobby and Guneet to launch a voice in a month otherwise they'll have to go and sit in her chole kulche stall.

Meanwhile, Vandana scolds Hemant for keeping Vijay's mansion as a security deposit since it's not his.

Hemant says that he didn't do it purposely but Vandana asks him not to lie about his mistakes.

Vandana terms Hemant to be thoughtless while Hemant states that if the money isn't returned, the mansion will be at stake.

He asks Vandana to help him when Anagha tells Hemant that it's wrong to burden Vandana in this way.

Hemant tells Vandana that if the money isn't paid, the family will be in tatters and that's when Vandana resolves to help Hemant out.

Meanwhile, Kunal calls Godi and Vedika but is unsuccessful, silently stating that he'll miss his first rakhi.

In the meantime, Vandana promises Hemant to protect him with all her life and soul.

Anagha asks Vandana not to use her savings to get rid of Hemant's debts but Vandana adds that it'll be less.

Later, Vandana prepares herself to get out while on the other hand, while Kunal keeps calling Vedika but is unsuccessful. 

At London, Godi scolds his servants for not keeping an eye on Vedika, who left for India keeping a letter behind.

He receives a call from Parisa and from the other side, sees Vedika and scolds her for going to India.

Parisa adds that they will board the flight for India and she'll take care of Vedika.

She asks Godi not to tell anything to Kunal since it'll be a surprise and hangs up the call quickly.

At the airport, Parisa calms Vedika down while on the other hand, Vandana gets a job opportunity from Rohan.

Vandana thinks about the responsibilities back at home and getting lost, places herself in the lead vocal part but Rohan asks her to go back following which she emotionally goes away.

The recording begins and Vandana gets with her vocals gradually finishing off the song. 

In the streets, Kunal sees his buddy Bappa and confesses to his tension in the office while from the other side, Vandana sees Bappa too.

Kunal walks on the streets thinking about their duties back at home while a teary-eyed Vandana, gets flashbacks of a singer gossiping that she can't be a main singer.

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