Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 31st August 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 31st August 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 31st August 2023 episode starts with Savita and Vaibhav's sister burdening Vijay with a banquet hall and AC rooms for the guests and a gold chain for Vaibhav.

Dream or greed?

Vandana tells Savita that there's no need for a grand wedding since Vaibhav and she had decided on a court marriage.

She adds that they could save money and use it for insurance to fulfil their dreams later when Savita adds that she dreams of getting Vaibhav married in style.

Vaibhav asks Savita to compromise and Vinayak tells Savita that savings are important while Savita says that she can't since she's already bringing a thirty-five-year-old girl.

Atya answers back to Savita stating that Vandana wanted to get married at thirty but Vaibhav needed five years for his career.

Vaibhav states that Vandana and he had decided on a court marriage and Vandana asks Savita for permission.

Vaibhav asks Vandana to calm down and requests Savita and the Karmarkars to sit down.

He then takes Vandana forcefully to the kitchen since he has to drink water.

Outside, Shivam asks Shubhashh to play cricket with him but Shubhash disagrees.

Kunal plays cricket

Kunal seeing Shivam gets his hand on the cricket bat thus preparing to play with Shivam and Bobby comes in too.

In the kitchen, Vandana confronts Vaibhav for not opening up about the court marriage but pushing her on the edge instead.

Vaibhav tells Vandana that she is right and asks for fielding to be done so that he can settle things.

At the penthouse, Shivam prepares for balling and Bobby asks Shivam why is he sad when Shivam tells Bobby that he'll miss Vandana.

Kunal asks what's special in her to which Shivam replies that Vandana loves him the most.

He then throws in the ball and outs Kunal on the first go.

Inside, Vaibhav asks Vandana not to worry and walks away to the family but Vandana stays back.

Meanwhile, Shivam balls for the second time and Kunal hits a sixer but the ball hits Vandana's bun, who's on the window.

Vandana scolds Shivam but Shivam points out that it was Kunal who looks away.

She looks at him and hurries out with the ball to hit Kunal but stops when she sees Kunal dealing with the agent outside. 

Outside, Anagha comes to Vandana and asks her to come inside since everyone's waiting for her.

Vandana adds that she's stressed but Anagha asks Vandana to keep her faith in love.

Hearing this, Vandana says that she has her trust and faith but can't process the fact that the marriage is in October. 

She further says that she didn't even get a chance at solo singing and insists on helping the Karmarkars financially. 

Anagha encourages Vandana by stating that what's meant to be will be and attempts to take her inside but Shivam's ball comes on the way.

Shivam requests Vandana to pass on the ball and Vandana kicks it, hitting Kunal unknowingly.

Vandana attempts to apologize but stops stating to Kunal that she has settled the score after which both of them eye each other angrily.

She goes inside while Kunal walks angrily away and tosses the ball off frustratingly. 

At Vijay's, Savita asks Vijay to start the wedding preparations and Atya supportingly tells that this is the time for children to jump and live.

Savita adds that Vandana can do none since she's thirty-five and states that she wants a grandchild in one year.

This triggers another fight and Vaibhav calms everyone down and goes to receive a call outside.

Savita eyes Karmarkar bungalow 

Later, Vandana tries to talk to Vaibhav but gets dismissed while Kunal from the other side smiles in succession. 

The families come out and Vijay asks Vaibhav to frequently visit the Karmarkars while Savita asks Vaibhav to do the same since the bungalow is Vaibhav's too.

Suddenly, a goon enters following which Hemant insists on paying the money later and asks them to leave since Vaibhav's family is there but gets beaten.

Vandana comes in to stand up for Vaibhav but is almost hit when Kunal saves her.

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