Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 3rd February 2024 episode starts with Kunal and Vandana taking Tara inside the party as the security guards stop them and ask for the invites.

Kunal tells them Samaira is his kid's best friend and she wants to wish her birthday as he threatens them for letting them go inside or it won't be good.

They get scared and let them inside while Vedika and Pammi thank God that they found Tara but get worried about how will they get entry without an invite when Pammi gets a notification that they have taken Tara inside.

Meanwhile, at the party, people are playing games as the host announces that every parent has to pick their kid up and they have to burst one of the balloons.

Kunal picks up Tara and she wins as the kids around her get happy to see her and welcome her happily.

But Samaira's parents get angry seeing her there and tell Kunal and Vandana that they already told them that Tara wasn't invited so why did they bring her?

Vandana apologizes for coming uninvited and adds that their reason for not inviting her is pointless as they say that they don't want to talk about the reason in front of the kids.

Vandana says that everyone is so happy to meet Tara and she is everyone's friend as the kids start to question Samaira's parents.

Vandana asks Anju to answer the questions but answers herself that she said that the children too didn't want her to come.

Meanwhile, Kunal explains that they didn't invite Tara because her parents are divorced to which one of the kids asks what it means.

Vandana explains it to them and says it's not Tara's fault that her parents are divorced but now Vandana and Kunal are legally married which shouldn't bother anyone.

Vandana gets emotional, explaining that divorce is not an illness that people stay away from, so there is no point in casting out Tara.

She says that her kid is very helpful as all the kids say that they love her. Vandana asks Anju to say sorry to Tara as she calls Samaira to cut the cake and adds to bring Tara along too.

Her parents say sorry to Kunal while Kunal and Vandana talk to Tara telling her that no matter what, she is the best while the kids call Tara to cut the cake.

Meanwhile, Kunal hugs Vandana and says thanks to her for always thinking the best for Tara and telling her that is worth all the happiness and deserves everything.

He says that Vandana has mended the wounds his childhood trauma gave him when his mother ran away and everyone kept taunting him that he doesn't have a mother and says that the world needs more people like her.

He hugs her again as he gets emotional and Vandana hugs her back while the kids enjoy the party.

After a while, Kunal, Vandana, and Tara return from the party, all happy and jolly.

Meanwhile, Vandana looks at Kunal and recalls Kunal hugging her at the party and blushes as Tara falls asleep.

Kunal parks his car and comes out of it as Vandana follows him and he surprises her with balloons as they share a romantic moment.

But later, it turns out that Vandana is dreaming it all as Kunal calls her and asks her where she is lost.

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