Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 4th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 4th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 4th December 2023 episode starts with Vandana grappling with the difficult decision of whether to marry Kunal for the sake of Tara's happiness or to maintain her ongoing relationship with Vijay.

Just then, Pammy storms in, clutching a handful of cash and throws it before Vandana, offering her money equivalent to her body weight but demanding that she call off her marriage with Kunal in return.

Vandana confronts Pammy's insults and asks if she should leave or if Pammy will.

Suddenly, someone loudly calls Vandana's name, beating a drum, and interrupting the tense moment leading them to rush there.

Vandana spots Viabhav, carrying a drum with him and creating a scene in her locality alone with Savita and Mrunal regarding her marriage decision with Kunal.

He blames Vandu for everything, saying that due to her they are unable to face anyone in their society while Savita blames her for troubling them.

Vaibhav adds how she should have at least waited for the divorce with him to which Vandu retorts, telling him to stop talking nonsense right now and should do it tomorrow but her words fall deaf on his ears.

He continues to shame Vandana for her involvement with her boss while they were married.

Meanwhile, Savita blames Vandana for betraying Vaibhav, as she should have disclosed her relationship with Kunal earlier.

Savita taunts Vadnana's open-mindedness increasing with her age as she's ready to change men just like her clothes when suddenly Vandana yells at them to stop as it's enough.

She rebukes them for always blaming women for everything rather than focusing on men's actions and questions Savita if she was feeling ashamed when Vaibhav cheated on her.

Further, Vandana shames Mrunal for betraying even her sister by indulging with her husband while rebuking Vaibhav and Savita for stopping so low.

However, Savita remains adamant about spreading rumours about Vandana's relationship with her boss as the cause of her divorce from Vaibhav.

Vandana confronts Savita, provoking Vaibhav's anger when he moves to strike Vandana, but she swiftly intercepts his hand in mid-air, shocking everyone present.

She scolds him for using his masculinity to dominate, twisting his hand and warning him never to try it again or else she'll break it.

Vandana asserts that women have rights and can stand up for themselves while Vaibhav challenges her, refusing to give her a divorce and threatening to obstruct her marriage to Kunal.

However, Vandana stands unaffected, stating that no one can stop her from moving on in her life.

After zipping everyone's mouth, Vandana leaves while Vaibhav receives a text from Anagha and he tells Savita to wait and watch.

Pammy plans to tell Kuldeep about Kunal's decision, trusting he'll take control.

Meanwhile, Atya updates Vijay about Vandana being attacked by Vaibhav's family but reassures him that Vandana responded fittingly.

She tries to talk some sense into Vijay, convincing him to accept Vandana and Kunal's marriage but Vijay remains unconvinced.

Vaibhav enters the house, remembering Anagha's assurance that no one will be home until 9 pm.

He tries to harm Vijay but stops upon seeing a beam of light while Vandana, Vijay, and Atya confront him, and Vandana warns him to send him to jail for his actions.

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