Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 4th October 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 4th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 4th October 2023 episode starts with everyone sitting while Hemant tells Anagha that he doesn't see Mrunal or Vaibhav. 

She tells him to stay silent as whatever will happen now is going to be Vandana's fate. 

Vandana comes out of her room just then when Vijay and Shivam go to help her walk to the hall. 

Vaibhav's parents talk about how they wish the marriage would stop as Vandana does not deserve Vaibhav. 

Vandana saves Vijay from falling and asks him about Vaibhav while Vaibhav's mother tells her not to rush as he'll be here soon. 

She further asks about Mrunal and thinks that she will go later as she is sure that Mrunal must be sulking in some corner. 

Vandana dances and includes Vedika, Parisa, and Anagha as she moves to the beat of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. 

The whole family dances while Kunal makes his entry and stares at Vandana. 

She suddenly starts running towards the entrance and everyone is surprised but Vandana passes Kunal and goes to Vaibhav who is behind her. 

Seeing this, Kunal enters the house while Vandana drags Vaibhav inside and has him sit beside her. 

They choose the Mehendi designs while Mrunal comes there and separates them shocking everyone. 

Vandana greets her when Mrunal teases them and whispers to Vaibhav to come to talk with her. 

Kunal feels disgusted seeing them as Mrunal tells Anagha to do Vandana's pooja and distracts her while she and Vaibhav go to the kitchen. 

In the kitchen, Mrunal starts hyperventilating as she argues with Vaibhav, telling him that she won't wait anymore while he tries to calm her. 

Anagha teases Vandana while Kunal feels pity for her. 

Back in the kitchen, Vaibhav tells Mrunal to handle it while she hugs him tightly and tells him that she will not lose him. 

Kunal watches them and feels that they have crossed all borders as he is about to enter. 

However, Anagha and Hemant stop him and request him not to meddle in their family matters. 

He asks them if they know about this and gets angry as he asks them if they have any morality. 

Kunal is about to walk inside but Hemant and Anagha stop him once again, telling him to be a neighbour and let the family handle it. 

Anagha snaps at him while talking about Vedika's husband and shouts at him telling him not to try to be Vandana's bodyguard. 

Kunal rebukes them while they all hear Vandana's scream and rush to the hall. 

Meanwhile, Kunal sees Vandana crying in pain about the Mehendi burning in her hand. 

Without thinking, Kunal dunks her hand inside the water bowl removing the Mehendi along with Vaibhav's name from her hand. 

Vaibhav's mother and Pammi shout about how this is a bad omen while Kunal points out that someone must have mixed something in the Mehendi looking pointedly at Mrunal. 

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