Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th December 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 6th December 2023 episode starts with Anagha and Hemant manipulating Vandana and Vijay.

They are taking Vandana's side which confuses Vandana and Mrunal.

Meanwhile, Indrinil is driving at full speed as he remembers what Soniya confessed to her about her feelings for Kunal.

Soniya apologizes to him and begs him to stop the car when he stops the car abruptly and drags her out, saying that he hates kids for Soniya's sake.

He also reminds her that he invested a lot in her, he spent 7 years on her and even betrayed his friend and if Soniya betrays him then he will destroy her.

Back at Vandana Niwas, Vandu is crying when Atya tells her that everything will be fine to which she replies that she is worried for Vijay as he has not eaten anything since morning.

Atya says that he will be alright when Vandana replies that she believes that her decision to marry Kunal for Tara's sake is right but she does not want to go through with this against Vijay's will.

However, Atya adds that Vandana deserves a shot at happiness as she has always been living for others.

Elsewhere, Mrunal is taunting Hemant and Anagha for taking Vandana's side.

Hemant says that he does not care about Vaibhav as he cannot forgive him for trying to kill Vijay because no matter the differences, he still loves him.

Anagha thinks to herself that she is glad that her name is not revealed.

Hemant mentions that if Vandana marries Kunal then Kunal will give them back their property papers and Vandu will also get a lot from Kunal's side so she might drop her claim over the house.

Mrunal goes to Vandana and pushes her while everyone comes outside and gathers around them.

She threatens to release Vaibhav out of jail as she is marrying Kunal yet she is so jealous of her because Vaibhav loves her.

Vandana says that Vijay has brought her up with so much love to which Mrunal replies that Vijay can go to hell as she just wants Vaibhav.

Just then, Vandana slaps her, saying that Mrunal is not fit to be Vijay's daughter and now she cannot take her anymore.

She takes Mrunal's stuff and kicks her out of the house when Mrunal falls on the ground and starts yelling that her real sister kicked her out.

The neighbours gather while Mrunal keeps on telling them how Vandana asked Mrunal to leave her own house so that she could get the property all to herself.

Pammi comes in and says that Vadana is a witch who uses her magic to have everything on her side.

Mrunal goes to Vandana and challenges her, saying that whatever happens, she will not let Vandana marry Kunal.

Later that day, Vandana, Shivam, and Tara are praying to God together while Vijay sees them.

Kunal sends Vandana a voice note, asking her if everyone including her is okay or not, Tara makes Vadana reply in voice mail only which makes her stammer and blush.

Elsewhere, Mrunal goes to Soniya and tells her to bail Vaibhav out of jail as in return she has mindblowing news for her.

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